Se protéger sécurité automobile

Shock protection

Optimal protection

The driver's cab is a hub of technology that ensures driver and passenger's protection. A triple impact absorption structure in the front unit of the vehicle optimizes shock absorption and disperses stored-up energy to areas that are designed to resist.

In addition to these structural performances, Peugeot proposes up to 9 "smart" airbags in its vehicles. This ingeniousness can be seen especially in front airbags that inflate with variable intensity, depending on the violence of the impact.

To complete this safety system, all Peugeot vehicles are equipped with Isofix attachment points making child safety seat installation easier and safer. All the occupants of a Peugeot can travel with total peace of mind.

Se protéger sécurité scooters

Shock protection

Airbag for scooter

Peugeot Scooters was the first manufacturer to equip its scooters with an ABS system and since 2011 has also been equipping its models with airbag jackets.These jackets are extremely loose and light, do not hinder riding and inflate in 0.1 seconds when the safety cord is pulled.

They create a protective sheathing around the wearer and automatically deflate in a few dozen seconds. Once used, just replace the CO2 cartridge to use them again.