Sécurité en voiture

Equipped for any situation

For better safety

Constantly striving for exemplary driving behaviour, Peugeot equips its vehicles with an across-the-board safety system.

  • The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) prevents wheels from locking when braking in an emergency.
  • The EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) optimizes the vehicle's stopping distance by distributing the brake pressure over the 4 wheels.
  • The BAS (Brake Assist System) intensifies brake pressure in the event of sharp braking.
  • The ESC (Electronique Stability Control), along with the help of an ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) ensures that the vehicle has maximum road-hold when negotiating bends.

And last but not least, Peugeot's exclusive Distance Alert warns the driver when another vehicle approaches, through the Head-Up Display.

Sécurité en voiture

Equipped for any situation

ABS for scooters

Second-generation ABS, which series-equips 125 to 500 cc scooters (Satelis and Geopolis), automatically controls the pressure exerted on the left brake lever.

These vehicles, equipped with an array of sensors, record incomparable braking performances when compared to classical braking.

30% reduction on the braking distance, 10% less effort on the brake, smoother deceleration... braking is remarkably efficient and riding optimally enjoyable and easygoing.

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