Maitriser son véhicule sécurité

Driving control

Controlled speed

Peugeot equips its vehicles with "smart" options that allow you to control your speed and let you drive safely.

You can use the cruise control to maintain a constant speed without using your accelerator. As soon as you accelerate or brake, the system deactivates itself.

The speed limiter allows you to set a maximum, not-to-be-exceeded speed and triggers a visual and audible alarm if you go over this limit. Of course, you can disconnect this alarm any time you wish.

Maitriser son véhicule sécurité

Driving control

Optimised vision

For enhanced driving comfort and for optimal safety, Peugeot's complex surface bi-xenon headlights triple the light output of a standard lamp and are particulary useful when negotiating bends.

In addition, the static swivelling lighting triggers itself with the indicator and lights up the inside of bends and the edges of intersections, even when the vehicle is stopped.

Another Peugeot innovation, the LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System), warns the driver of any unintentional lane departure if the vehicle crosses a continuous or discontinuous line and whenever the 80 km/h mark is reached.And last but not least, the Head-Up Display allows drivers to view all vehicle speed data without taking their eyes off the road.

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