Driving control

Speed Under Control

For greater safety, Peugeot equips its vehicles with "intelligent" options that provide better speed control.

The speed limiter and regulator fitted to most vehicles allow a constant speed to be maintained without having to touch the accelerator or select a maximum speed not to be exceeded.

New technologies, such as the Driver Assistance Pack, available on the 308, help to control speed completely safely. Fitted with an Active Speed Regulator, which uses engine braking to adjust speed, a Collision Risk Alert and Automatic Emergency Braking in the event of an imminent collision, everything has been done to help you to deal with hazards in the best way possible.


"The Distance Alert system inter-vehicle time" also exists on the 3008 and 5008. Using a radar on the front of the vehicle, this function helps the driver to maintain a safe distance between the car and the one in front by displaying the time between vehicles onto a retractable stalk.

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Safer Driving

Peugeot vehicles with radar equipment enable to have Active Speed Regulator (ASR), Collision Risk Alert (CRA) and Automatic Emergency Braking functions. Watch the video of these three systems designed to make driving safer.

Driving control

Optimised View

To provide better visibility on the road, Peugeot is at the forefront of the latest lighting technology, available depending on the models and options.


For greater driving comfort and increased safety, complex surface b-xenon headlamps triple the flux from a standard lamp, in order to better anticipate turns, in particular.


On the Peugeot 308, full LED* headlamps are standard equipment on models with a higher level of finish. They provide excellent night-time visibility, consume 50% less energy than halogen headlamps and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

On some vehicles, static directional lighting is triggered with the turn signal and lights the inside of the turn or the area around an intersection, even when stationary.

Finally, for greater driving comfort, the head-up display available on the 508, 3008 and 5008 allows the driver to see all the information about the vehicle's speed on a retractable strip without taking his or her eyes off the road.
* Lighting 100% Light-Emitting Diode

A Captivating Look

First introduced on the Peugeot 308, full LED headlamps give a captivating, feline look. At the front, the glasses are worked into their cut-outs to give the appearance of a cat's eye. On the 308, each front headlamp comprises 31 LEDs. 

visuel A Captivating Look

Full LED Technology

The new Peugeot 508 is fitted with high technology 100% LED lights. The front headlamp has 44 LEDs.