Motorisation FAP

Particle filter

An automobile benchmark

Peugeot's particle filter (PF), launched in 2000 as a world first on the 607, reduces soot particle emissions from diesel engines by 99%.

Today this technology that is incorporated into most of Peugeot's engines complements the advantages of HDI technology and helps protect the environment.

Motorisation filtre à particules

Particle filter

A self-cleaning filter

During the first phase soot particles are retained in a porous-structured, silicon carbide filter.

Then during the regeneration phase these particles are burnt off at very high temperatures, after the vehicle has run for several hundred kilometres.

This process is automatic and perfectly imperceptible.

Particle filter, be inspired by green!

For over ten years, Peugeot has been committed to creating cleaner, greener, eco-friendly technology. Discover one of its most revolutionary innovations.

Filtre à particules motorisation peugeot

Particle filter

Incontestable, indispensible

Thanks to its extraordinary and incomparable performances, the PF now equips practically all of Peugeot's HDI models. By late 2013, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) will be combined with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems, creating BlueHDi technology.