An intelligent engine motorisation Hybrid4

An intelligent engine

The front-wheel drive diesel engine runs optimally when on road trips.

For urban trips when the vehicle is started or is cruising in low-gear speed the electrical engine takes over.

With the Stop&Start system, which sets the heat engine to stand-by mode then automatically restarts it, the HYbrid4 offers zero-emission mode driving.

An easy-to-use knob on the console allows the driver to choose between 4 different modes:

  • "Auto" mode, which manages the system automatically,
  • "Zero-Emission Vehicle" mode for 100% electrical driving,
  • "4-Wheel Drive" mode for intensified road-hold on difficult surfaces,
  • "Sports" mode for dynamic driving.

The last two driving modes use the electrical and diesel engines simultaneously. This technology is available on the PEUGEOT 508 RXH. 

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Four Driving Modes

A selector wheel on the central console allows the driver to choose between four different driving modes: "ZEV", "4WD" (4-wheel drive), Auto and Sport. Combining performance and control, the 508 RXH offers the driver unique dynamism and simplicity of use.