Motorisation micro hybride écologique

Stop & Start

Pursuing eco-friendliness

The e-HDi micro-hybrid technology created in 2011 is also known as the latest-generation Stop&Start system. Because the engine reduces CO2 emissions and enhances driving pleasure, Peugeot now wishes to generalize it and targets one million e-HDi vehicles on the road by 2013.

Motorisation micro hybride e-hdi écolomique

Stop & Start

An “ecolo-mic” engine

The Stop&Start function automatically cuts out the engine during each stop phase of the vehicle then restarts smoothly it whenever the driver so wishes. The e-HDi offers optimal control over consumption and CO2 emissions.Ecological performances are greatly improved and driving pleasure is intensely enjoyable.

The Stop&Start can be deactivated at wish and adapts to all driving modes.

Pursuing the cutting-edge

For the past two years, Peugeot has been developing its latest-generation Micro-Hybrid technology. Its guiding principle: to minimize CO2 emissions and to pursue incomparable driving pleasure.

Motorisation micro hybride e-hdi

Stop & Start

More and more accessible

Launched on the 508, hybrid technology now equips a wide range of Peugeot models.

The new 308, the Partner Tepee, 3008 and 5008 integrate this groundbreaking technology.