Motorisation électrique solution avenir

100% Electric

A solution for tomorrow

Today Peugeot is the only vehicle manufacturer that proposes an across-the-board 100% electric mobility for cars, scooters and bikes.

Zero pollutant emissions, zero CO2 discharge on-the-road, optimally-low running costs, tomorrow's vehicles also offer you highly-enjoyable and relaxing driving sensations.

Motorisation électrique système unique

100% Electric

A one-of-a-kind system

Latest-generation Lithium-ion batteries are the key to Peugeot's electrical propulsion. They can be recharged on dedicated electrical infrastructures, offer great autonomy and instantly-available power.

E-vehicles can also recover energy when they decelerate and brake.Thereby, they offer drivers 150-kilometre autonomy... much more than the average for daily journeys.

Go all-electric

The all-electric Peugeot iOn promises real peace of mind on the road, free of CO2 emissions.

Motorisation électrique mobilité urbaine

100% Electric

Urban mobility

iOn, the small 100% electrical urban car with an eco-friendly engine is also equipped with telematic technology letting drivers take full advantage of Peugeot Connect services.

Peugeot's e-Vivacity scooter is the perfect partner for urban trips. Light, easy to use and highly-efficient, its battery is fully-charged in less than 5 hours and offers 60 km autonomy.

Ideal for cool, easygoing riding and short trips, Peugeot's e-assisted range of bikes offers autonomy of up to 110 km, depending on the model chosen.