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Peugeot, a pioneer in engine design

Peugeot is known among leading vehicle manufacturers for its ability to create unique engines. Its engines, ever more efficient, more economical and more ecological, provide an enjoyable driving experience. Peugeot combines excellence with emotion.

The first-ever diesel vehicle, designed by Peugeot

From the end of the First World War onwards, Peugeot demonstrated an interest in diesel and, in 1938, launched the diesel-engined 402 B. A pioneer in this field, Peugeot has gone from innovation to innovation and from record to record. Whether it was the launch of the first production diesel saloon, the 403D, or the forty international records established at the Montlhéry circuit in 1965 with the 404 diesel, the Brand with the Lion has not stopped innovating for the greater pleasure of lovers of fine cars.

With the smaller diesel engine in the 204 and the first turbo diesel engine in the more economical and less polluting 604, Peugeot kept well ahead of its competitors. More recently, Peugeot repeated its success with the 908 HDi FAP, the first car to complete the Le Mans 24-hour race with a diesel engine.

Exceptional environmental qualities

Peugeot has always met ecological challenges without sacrificing driving pleasure.

With the creation of particle filters, the improved efficiency of internal combustion engines with a 3-cylinder PureTech petrol engine and the most effective diesel pollution removal technology on the market in BlueHDi engines, PEUGEOT maintains its lead where environmental footprint is concerned.

Finally, 100% electric vehicles, such as the iOn, Partner Electric and Hybrid-Bike bicycle range, offer a unique and innovative solution for urban mobility.