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Peugeot Connect Assistance

Need assistance ?

Because a breakdown may happen out of the blue, Peugeot Connect Assistance provides you with direct contact to the Peugeot assistance platform 24/7. Simply press the Lion button on your dashboard. This subscription-free, no-extra-charge service is available on vehicles equipped with Peugeot Connect or with one of the following on-board navigation systems: WIP Com or WIP Com 3D.

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Peugeot Connect Assistance

Your geotagged vehicle

The technological core of Peugeot Connect is a GPS assistance system linked to information about your vehicle and connected to the GSM network. When you press the button, a control centre agent localizes your vehicle. Then, your vehicle transmits automatically the information required for an initial remote technical assessment to be run and for the appropriate breakdown assistance to be sent to you quickly, wherever you may be*.

* pursuant to the general terms of use of the service available from all sales outlets and subject to technological and technical constraints and in particular to the availability of the phone network. Peugeot Connect Assistance is currently available in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain. In the other European countries, the contact is established without geolocation.