Services Peugeot Connect Apps

Peugeot Connect Apps

Make your trips easier

Peugeot Connect Apps* is a connected applications pack conceived to make your travelling easier in real time.
Simple to use, the applications appear on the touch-screen when the Peugeot Connect key is inserted into the USB port of your 208, 2008, 308 or new 508 fitted with a touch-screen.
For safety reasons, some applications and functions are only available when the vehicle is stationary.
*Depending on the country and the vehicle's level of finish, this service may be unavailable, an optional extra or a standard feature.

Services Peugeot connect Apps

Peugeot Connect Apps

Interactives applications

  • Coyote ** warns you of danger zones so that you can adapt your driving accordingly.
  • Use Parking to locate parking places available in the vicinity.
  • Michelin Guide and Trip Advisor inform you of restaurants or hotels on your journey or at your final destination.
  • Fuel-For-Less indicates nearby service stations, together with their current prices, and guides you to the one you select.
  • Michelin Travel will help you discover the most beautiful tourist attractions.
  • Use Pages Jaunes to find the professional assistance you need in the locality.
  • Michelin Traffic helps you avoid traffic-jams by updating you on the traffic situation in real time and suggesting alternative routes.
  • Weather tells you what weather to expect along your way and at your final destination.
  • ViaMichelin directs you to your destination
  • Consult Tellmewhere for the local community's tips on what to do and the best addresses for shopping, eating out and leisure.
  • MyPeugeot tells you everything you need to know about your car and its servicing.

You can download new applications from the Store. In addition to these services, specific applications are available in certain countries.
** Service available on Peugeot 208 and 2008 models produced after July 2014, and the New 308 and New 508 models fitted with touch-screen and navigation.

Peugeot Connect Apps

Your trips become easier with Peugeot Connect Apps. They have been specially-designed to meet all your needs. These easy-to-use applications are displayed on the Peugeot 208 touchscreen to guide the driver when moving.