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Peugeot Connect

A New Way of Experiencing Your Car!

HUB Peugeot Connect

Enter the Connected World

Features and applications developed by Peugeot Connect open up a world where connectivity is added to your driving experience, offering greater pleasure and safety... Discover a set of technologies and services that will enrich your driving experience through a permanent connection between you, your Peugeot and the outside world.

The Peugeot Connect range includes:

Peugeot Connect SOS
A global positioning emergency call service that allows you to send requests for assistance more rapidly when the situation so requires.

Peugeot Connect Assistance
In the event of a breakdown, all you have to do is press the Lion button to be put through to the Peugeot assistance centre, open 24/7.

Peugeot Connect Apps
A connected applications pack that appears on your touch-screen to assist you when you travel.

Mirror Screen
Technology that allows you to duplicate or transfer the display from your compatible smartphone to your car’s touch-screen, so that you can view your phone’s multimedia content on it.

Scan MyPeugeot
An interactive user guide on your smartphone. Once downloaded, the application gives you access to essential information about your Peugeot by scanning the part in question or consulting the guide directly.

Link MyPeugeot
An extended driving experience with practical features to assist you in your daily life.