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Peugeot Connect

The arrival of connected vehicles

HUB Peugeot Connect

Innovational thinking for automobiles...

Already renowned as a leader in automobile assistance with its emergency call system covering Europe, Peugeot heralds a new age of communication between cars and the world of services: the age of the connected car. Since April 2010, its Peugeot Connect has been available in 10 European countries. This offer focuses specifically on a telematic box and a bouquet of related high-added-value services: repair and recovery assistance, automatic and manual emergency call, geolocated and dealt with by a dedicated platform, etc.
The Peugeot Connect offer includes:

  • Peugeot Connect SOS, for emergency calls
  • Peugeot Connect Assistance, for repair and recovery
  • Peugeot Connect Apps, for organizing your journeys

A highly-strategic development for Peugeot

Peugeot Connect, which was originally launched as an option on the 207 and 308 models then on the RCZ and iOn, is being progressively rolled out on all the products of the range. A new service is available on the 208, 2008 and new 308 - the Peugeot Connect Apps. Confident that it holds the key to automobile future, Peugeot aims to become the leader in connected services by making them rapidly accessible to as many people as possible. Once again Peugeot asserts its leadership and its position as a pioneer in the automotive industry.