Peugeot Partner utilitaires

Peugeot Partner


Try out the Peugeot Partner

Test the Multi-Flex seating where you can incorporate a third place at the front for an extra passenger or adapt the volume of equipment in the driver’s cab. This modularity makes the Partner one-of-its-kind in terms of loading capacity and on-board habitability.

Peugeot Partner utilitaires

Peugeot Partner


Enjoy top style behind the wheel of the Partner

The Peugeot Partner combines up-to-the-minute style and wonderful comfort to meet most of the demands of its users.
Its design exemplifies its dynamism and modernity with detailed front-end and leading-edge LED daytime running lights…

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Innovational daytime running lights

Peugeot's Partner is fitted with LED daytime running lights that provide optimal ergonomics and are highly energy-efficient.

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Sleek style, high-quality finishes

Its state-of-the-art design and harmonious lines emphasize its sporty and audacious character.

visuel Sleek style, high-quality finishes

Optimal storage

The incredibly-smart, highly-efficient Partner offers up to 61.5 litres of storage space, depending on the model chosen.

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Peugeot Partner utilitaires

Peugeot Partner


Check out its roominess

The Peugeot Partner is your perfect on-the-field work partner: its large storage capacity and interior space are designed for all types of professionals who travel.

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Highly-efficient space

The Peugeot Partner provides a payload capacity of 3.7 m3 to 4.1 m3. Its easily-accessible loading space and modularity enhance its potential.

Peugeot Partner utilitaires

Peugeot Partner


the Partner’s experience

Peugeot has unveiled yet another groundbreaking innovation with the new Partner Electric, allowing it to offer businesses a range of vehicles with engine specifications tailored to different types of use.
The Partner Electric is a creative mobility solution with a smaller carbon footprint that does not compromise on the features that have made the Partner such a success. The van comes with an impressive electric motor delivering first-class performance, with an output of 49 kW (67 bhp) and an autonomy of 170 km, based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).