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Try out the Mu by Peugeot service

Enjoy a Mu by Peugeot mobility experience. Discover an ever-so simple, adaptable rental service that offers you the opportunity to rent a vehicle corresponding to your daily needs: cars, bikes, scooters, replacement vehicles, vans, electrical vehicles and even accessories.

Get away together

Discover a new way to spend loving weekends with Mu by Peugeot. Rent a RCZ and enjoy a real sporty coupé that will spice up your romantic breaks!

More space, less stress

Moving can be challenging, and sometimes stressful. Mu by Peugeot proposes vehicles and equipment to fit your needs, anytime, anywhere and makes sure you move with total peace of mind. 

Think big when you take a break

If you want to make the most out of family holidays, everyone needs their little belongings. So, Mu by Peugeot invites you to choose a vehicle that fits the needs of everyone in the family. Even those of your pets.

Peugeot location services

Mu by Peugeot


See how easy to use Mu by Peugeot is

Watch and discover Mu by Peugeot. If you're moving house, going on a weekend break or holiday:  you'll see just how easy it is to book a vehicle online or with your Smartphone.

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Check out Mu by Peugeot

Discover all the advantages that Mu by Peugeot can offer you. Select and book the two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle that fits your needs or your desires. So easy, so practical.

Peugeot location services

Mu by Peugeot


the experience Mu by Peugeot

Would you like to try out Mu by Peugeot? This service is available in more a hundred cities in France and across Europe (England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland). And very soon in new cities.

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