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Peugeot Services

Peugeot proposes a wide range of exceptional services for your vehicle

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Servicing, Assistance, Financing and Insurance

From the moment you intend to buy and throughout the lifetime of your vehicle, Peugeot accompanies you with its adapted financing solutions, tailor-made insurance policies, assistance and servicing.

Electric Services

Peugeot has created a "worry-free" vehicle service to make your life easier. Take advantage of this all-inclusive package that includes financing, iOn servicing and access to emergency and assistance services.

Mobility Services

Today's life rhymes with ever-greater mobility and flexibility. Peugeot has incorporated this in its offer and has created its Mu by Peugeot vehicle rental service. What is more, Peugeot's connected services are designed to make your trips safer and more efficient.

Professional Services

Peugeot Professional proposes a comprehensive range of services for any type of business and accompanies them in setting up customized solutions:

  • Vehicle fleet services
  • Servicing packages
  • Mobility services
  • Insurance services