peugeot speedfight 4 myth



a myth

Peugeot Scooters is launching the fourth version of a sports best-seller that has revolutionised the market with its style and committed position. However, its style has changed fundamentally and its equipment has also moved forward, since more or less everything is new on the latest Speedfight.
Pleasure and excitement guaranteed!

The original collection

The classical version has a clean cut, contrasting the black of the rear part against the colour on the front section. This stylish design, as radical as it is innovative, is available in three colours, re-worked around the primary colours: Fluo Apple Green, Flat 6 Red and Bleu France.

visuel The original collection

Three special series

The classic version offered in three colours (Fluo Apple Green, Flat 6 Red and Bleu France) is enhanced by three special series that top off the ranges: Ice Blade, Pure and Darkside.

visuel Three special series
peugeot speedfight 4 equipped version



a fully equipped version

With its remarkable finish, the new Speedfight gives prominence to the materials used, carefully thought-out attachments, well balanced colours and the finesse of the rear fairing and rear-view mirrors with lightened support stalks.

vignette FEEL

Connected on the ride

Sporty and connected, the new Speedfight has an ultra-complete digital dashboard. It is also pre-equipped for an RAL X-Grip smartphone support and has USB and 12 V connectors as standard.

visuel Connected on the ride

Aluminium Foot-board

The central bridge that houses the tank allows the weight to be reduced and the strengthened frame architecture combined with a 32mm fork provides greater rigidity for better road-holding.

visuel Aluminium Foot-board

Safety brake disc

The 215 mm Shuricane front maxi-disc is fitted with an extremely powerful four-piston radial calliper in both the air and liquid versions. At the rear,the more economical air version is equipped with an efficient 110 mm drum brake, while the liquid version has a 190 mm disc.

visuel Safety brake disc
peugeot speedfight 4 sporty style



at its sporty style

With its one-piece sculpted bodywork, this sports scooter looks impressive with the purity of its lines. It will hypnotise you with its keen look and parabolic lighting. Alternating straight lines and softer curves, it draws its inspiration from the brand's concept cars and lays claim to the sports DNA which is so dear to Peugeot. With its mixture of aggressiveness and elegance, this French pure-blood is a natural fit in a premium sports world.

vignette WATCH

A keen look

The new Speedfight has a sharp look thanks to its new front shield with parabolic lighting.

visuel A keen look

An initialled saddle shell

The seat cowl, an accessory or fitted as standard, depending on the trim level, harks back to the world of the track and provides a neat finish to a saddle housing a storage compartment.

visuel An initialled saddle shell
peugeot speed



the Speedfight 4 experience

The new Speedfight is being launched with a choice between three 50 cc engines .The first, a four-stroke, is only available in the air-cooled version. The second, a two-stroke, is available in both air- and liquid-cooled versions.
The new Dell'Orto carburettor significantly increases the machine's performance with a 10% improvement in the torque, taking it from 4.2 to 4.6 N-m. In the liquid version, power is increased to 4kW, as against 3.8 kW previously, and it gains 15% torque, with an increase from 4.8 to 5.5 N-m.