Peugeot Satelis 125

Peugeot SATELIS 125


Test the safety of a Peugeot scooter

This 2-wheeled scooter takes safety to the cutting-edge. The Satelis 125 launches 3rd generation ABS (on the Urban and Executive versions) combined with a front-rear integral braking system that provides perfect straight-line braking and reduces stopping distance. The Satelis 125 is also equipped with halogen optical lights and LED pilot lights that enhance both daytime and night-time visibility.

Peugeot SATELIS 125


Discover revolutionary materials.

The Satelis 125 benchmarks its category and blends style, equipment and premium-quality materials perfectly. On-board computer, LCD screen, XXL top case on the tail, glove-box storage, high windshield... The first-ever 2-wheeled saloon-type scooter had to be a Peugeot!

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A multi-purpose dashboard

The dashboard would be perfectly at home in a saloon car with its backlit LCD screen offering full onboard functions. A trigger on the right handlebar cluster displays immediate and average fuel consumption.

visuel A multi-purpose dashboard

A feline-styled front-end

An intensely-streamlined silhouette, softened design and new optical signature incorporating front and rear LEDs bring out its feline touch.

visuel A feline-styled front-end

Optimal braking for safe riding

The Satelis 125 incorporates new-generation, ABS 2-wheeler system braking (on Urban and Executive versions). Its double-cradle steel chassis, warning system and electronic immobiliser provide you with optimal on-board safety.

visuel Optimal braking for safe riding

Peugeot SATELIS 125


Enjoy the city, anytime!

Discover the classiest way of riding through the city. With its streamlined silhouette, flowing design and new optical signature, the Satelis 125 is THE Peugeot scooter that accompanies you in style anywhere, anytime.

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Style in motion

The Satelis is the perfect partner for rushed urban riders, ready to move anywhere, anytime. As every minute counts, the Satelis has been designed to offer maximum efficiency.

Peugeot satelis 125

Peugeot SATELIS 125


the Satelis’s experience

With great stability on the road and incredible flexibility in the city, the Satelis 125 is incomparably versatile. Its double-cradle steel chassis, 37 mm fork and 14” wheels provide it with optimal road-hold.