Peugeot Evivacity scooters

Peugeot e-VIVACITY


Enjoy a 100% electric experience

Enter a new era with e-VIVACITY! With its Lithium-ion batteries and powertrain, e-Vivacity gains 50% autonomy and can cover a distance of 60 km at 45 km/h.

Peugeot Evivacity scooters

Peugeot e-VIVACITY


Check out Peugeot’s e-VIVACITY technology.

With top power of 3 kW at 6,000 tr/min, e-VIVACITY offers maximum torque of 14 Nm on engine generation. It is extremely swift with incredible acceleration and highly appreciable for snaking through traffic. The progressive transmission-equipped e-VIVACITY offers you an ever-so smooth ride.

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Optimized storage spaces

As smart as they come, e-VIVACITY offers you a massive 35 L of storage space. You can store a full-face helmet under the seat and a 1/2-face Jet helmet in the JET IN case, integrated in the front panel.

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Easy and intuitive all-electric

Charging up two 1 kWh Lithium-Ion batteries is child's play. Just plug the extendable spiral cable, located under the seat, into any classic 220V socket or any urban EV charging station.

visuel Easy and intuitive all-electric
Peugeot Evivacity scooters

Peugeot e-VIVACITY


Discover the style of this naturally-efficient scooter.

Enjoy the pleasure of an exceptional ride. With e-VIVACITY riding is pure relaxation and the city becomes decidedly cool. Trendy, easy to ride, practical and highly-efficient, this 2-wheeler has what it takes to enchant those who dream of a green, eco-friendly city.

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100% electric

With e-VIVACITY look after your city and enjoy a 100% electric experience: driving becomes pure pleasure and the city unveils its zenitude.

Peugeot Evivacity scooters

Peugeot e-VIVACITY


the e-VIVACITY’s experience

E-VIVACITY has everything it takes to become your perfect riding partner. With its exceptional 35 L of storage space, e-VIVACITY lets you store a full-face helmet under the seat and a 1/2-face Jet helmet in the Jet In case, integrated in the scooter's front panel.


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