Peugeot DJANGO


its equipments

With the musical resonance of its name and its irresistibly retro lines, Django is a scooter that seems to want to re-write history more than half a century later: a history of style. Standing firmly on its 12" wheels, Django seems to project itself like a flagship with its rounded rear wings with slashes for the three air intakes, its extended body, its retro dashboard, inviting upholstery, flat foot-board and numerous storage compartments.

Retro Dashboard

Harking back to the the legendary 203, the speedometer has retro printing a contoured surface and a short needle, not forgetting a dashboard with a very "fifties" feel.

visuel Retro Dashboard

Inviting Upholstery

With its low height, the saddle is convenient for most people. Comfortable and upholstered to suit the theme selected, it is also very inviting.

visuel Inviting Upholstery

Flat Foot-board

The rider will appreciate the vast flat foot-board, painted in the same colour as the body, protected by elegant non-slip strips that will prevent your shoes and any bag from slipping under the effects of heavy braking.

visuel Flat Foot-board

Numerous Storage Compartments

Django is fitted with a 12 V socket in the glove box, a bag hook, two bag hooks under the saddle and generous storage space under the saddle, big enough for a jet helmet.

visuel Numerous Storage Compartments

Synchro Braking Concept (SBC)

Synchro Braking Concept (SBC) integral braking, which distributes the braking force simultaneously to the front and rear wheels, is available on the 125 and 150 cc versions.

visuel Synchro Braking Concept (SBC)

Peugeot DJANGO


its customisation

With 24 colours in the catalogue, three types of rear-view mirror, seven different saddles, bright aluminium or chrome body trims and a unique light signature, Django is customisable to the extreme. With no fewer than 118,000 combinations, everyone can create a scooter that matches them.

vignette FEEL

Django Heritage

Django Heritage offers a journey through time by transporting its passengers into the France of the nineteen-fifties. A drastic change of era and an irresistible atmosphere in sepia tones.

visuel Django Heritage

Django Sport

Inspired by the famous Peugeot 402 with its French blue, Django Sport pays tribute to the prestigious past of a brand that won major competitions on both two and four wheels.

visuel Django Sport

Django Evasion

With its windshield, its chrome front luggage carrier and the freshness of its colours, it puts freedom within your reach. All you have to do is accelerate towards the sun.

visuel Django Evasion

Django Allure

With its metallic or satin colours, its chrome rear luggage carrier and its top case with integral back rest, the Django Allure is the essence of French elegance.

visuel Django Allure

Django ID

Discover Django ID, the configurator that lets you customise your Django on line and have a Django manufactured to your specification: a scooter that reflects you.

visuel Django ID

Peugeot DJANGO


its retro appeal

The scooter plays with contrast, its retro style opposing the resolutely modern equipement with 4 efficient and economical engines. While undeniably retro from a strictly aesthetic point of view, at the same time the Django is a scooter with modern technology. The scooter plays with contrasts, its retro style opposing the resolutely modern, efficient and economical engines.

vignette WATCH

Django Light Signature

Django is equipped with a full-LED light system, and the lion emblazoned across the broad front fairing is now framed by permanent signature lighting, distinguishing it from every other scooter on the market.

visuel Django Light Signature

History in Motion

Admire the Django Heritage, Evasion, Sport and Allure models as they weave their way through the streets of Paris.


Peugeot DJANGO


the experience Django

Django comes with a range of engines from 50 cc 2-stroke and
4-stroke to 150 cc 4-stroke, not forgetting the 125 cc 4-stroke.