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Peugeot Design Lab

Peugeot  Design Lab is a Global Brand Design studio. The strength of a brand is not just measured by its products; everything that a client sees plays a defining role in the perception of the brands image. Peugeot Design Lab specializes in developing global brand & product experiences.

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Global Brand Design

Our expertise covers a large range of competences: Brand strategy, DNA- Illustration of brand vision & values- the creation of a unique form language & identity, the development of innovative products, graphics, packaging & communication.

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The team

The technical and design ressources of the 3 Peugeot Design studios in Paris, Shanghai & Sao Paolo gives us the capability to develop the most complex or simple products anywhere in the world.

With over 200 years of industrial experience and 120 years of automotive innovation, Peugeot Design Lab's experience and know-how is available to other brands.