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industrial know-how

Sculpted from the material, the Onyx Sofa is a custom furniture design conceived by Peugeot Design Lab.
The first item in a unique furniture series, this sofa with its unusual dimensions and made from carbon and Volvic lava, is a perfect illustration of Peugeot know-how. The technique and the work in rough materials by highly enthusiastic staff are, for Gilles Vidal, "ample proof of Peugeot's industrial know-how and the mastery of new forms for functional performance".

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The Onyx Sofa behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes and see how the Onyx Sofa was created: The working of the stone, the assembling of the materials... the Onyx Sofa is revealed on video.


the union of materials

Between progress and nature, between ultra high-tech and rough materials, the Onyx Sofa provides powerful contrasts. A unique piece, more than 3 metres long, this seat is a combination of carbon and rock. A watchword for this creation; the union of materials, via an exaggerated precise cut which lovers of the concept car can see in the Onyx model. A radical silhouette, materials that are rough and high-tech at the same time.

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When rock expresses itself

The Onyx Sofa is the harmonious epitome of Peugeot know-how: technology in communion with Nature.
A part of this furniture concept is produced in Volvic lava, a volcanic rock that the designers have mastered to produce a result that translates elegance and "emotion".

visuel When rock expresses itself

The mastery of carbon

The clean-cut design separates the Onyx Sofa into two distinct worlds. The larger part of this concept piece is made of carbon, with a highly structured and technical framework, with shapes adjusted to the nearest millimetre to produce an even more comfortable seat.

visuel The mastery of carbon

An audacious mix

The union of carbon and Volvic lava, the way it combines a hyper-technical material and a natural rough material, gives the Onyx Sofa an audacious appeal. This unique piece, with its incomparable style, opens our way to a technology that shows respect for natural things.

visuel An audacious mix
Armchair Peugeot Design Lab


the Onyx Sofa experience

The Onyx Sofa is the first item in a range of custom furniture: a lamp, a storage unit, an armchair, a table etc.
Admire this astounding and futuristic armchair that brings together ferrous red jasper and steel: it is one of seven sculptures exploring other combinations in the same vein, marrying obsidian with concrete, quartz crystal with aluminium, chimarrhis wood with 3-D printing, etc.