Piano for Pleyel


Peugeot strikes the right chord

This piano has been designed and built to achieve unprecedented musical quality. Boasting exceptional acoustics, it produces sound which is as beautiful to play as it is to listen to. This piano’s major innovation is the lowering of the chord mechanism to line up perfectly with the keyboard. This allows the audience to see the artist play from any viewing angle.

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Perfect harmony

When Peugeot Design Lab partners with Pleyel, the result is simply stunning. The innovative design of this piano promises unparalleled musical performances.

Behind the Scenes at the Mika Concert with the Peugeot Design Lab Piano

Check out the behind the scenes footage of the first private concert for the Peugeot Design Lab piano which was held in the mythical Salle Pleyel in Paris with singer Mika.

Mika Interview - Peugeot Design Lab Piano Concert

An exclusive interview of Mika before his performance at the first private concert for the Peugeot Design Lab piano which was held in the mythical Salle Pleyel in Paris.

Piano for Pleyel


Try out tomorrow’s piano

The pianomaker Pleyel and Peugeot Design Lab have developed a revolutionary piano. Although the piano pursues one of the classical codes of the world of pianos with its black lacquer finish, Peugeot Design Lab has totally reinterpreted the instrument by shaking up all the traditional volume, ergonomics and design codes. The greatest piece of groundbreaking ingenuity was to bring down the piano mechanism and align it perfectly with the pianist's keyboard.

Piano for Pleyel


Discover the greatest innovation ever in piano history

Peugeot Design Lab has invented a formal language that is unique in this sector and has created an experiential object. For the first time ever in piano history, the pianist can hear the sound of the instrument with incomparable precision. And, at the same time, the public can see the artiste playing from every conceivable angle. The pianist's hands take centrestage.

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A cantilevered leg

The three traditional piano legs have been replaced by a single cantilevered leg, echoing an exquisitely-elegant suspended bridge. This ingeniousness empowers the instrument with sublime visual lightness.

visuel A cantilevered leg

An ultra-slim music stand

Peugeot Design Lab teams have imagined an incomparably-slim, invisible music stand that is perfectly integrated into the piano when folded.

visuel An ultra-slim music stand

A carbon-fibre structure

The piano body and soundboard are designed in wood, which responds optimally to sound, but the top and leg are made of carbon fibre which is light and has incredible sound reverberation properties. 

visuel A carbon-fibre structure

Piano for Pleyel


Discover the technical virtuosity of this piano

Month after month the Pleyel and Peugeot Design Lab teams nurtured this extraordinary innovation which breaks new technical and visual ground in the history of pianos. Discover its soft, inherent silhouette, which looks like the aerodynamic hull of a boat. Ergonomically revolutionary, this baby grand piano also offers acoustics never heard before.

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Tomorrow's piano by Pleyel and Peugeot Design Lab

Check out the manufacturing of this extraordinary piano, result of an exemplary collaboration between Pleyel and Design Lab Peugeot

Piano for Pleyel


the Pleyel's Piano's experience

Focusing on Peugeot's new identity and on Pleyel's desire to establish itself in design and in the contemporary world, this piano harmoniously exemplifies the talents of both companies. By merging their DNA, the two brands have created a piano that is out of this world.