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Discover the sensations of the RSM01

With its cutting-edge equipment, the RSM01 invites you to discover incomparable riding pleasure. Every piece of this off-road bike has been designed to offer you the utmost in riding: wheels, frame, transmission. Its great spinning inertia, its undeniable obstacle-clearing ability and its downhill stability make it the perfect partner for training and competition.

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A 3K carbon frame

The RSM01's 3K carbon frame and its dynamic geometry specifically-adapted to 29" wheels offer you an unbelievably-efficient output. A "must-have" for lovers of intensive trekking and competitions.

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29" Mavic Crossride wheels

Designed for riding in wide, open spaces, the RSM01 is equipped with reliable, high-quality 29" wheels that offer optimal spinning inertia and exceptional obstacle clearance. Pure pleasure for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

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Shimano SLX 20-speed transmission

Adapted for cross-country riding, this semi-rigid bike is equipped with a SLX 20-speed transmission and a double FSA crankset to make the most out of any type of track.

visuel Shimano SLX 20-speed transmission
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a new way of riding

This is a bike packed with energy that will let you push the limits of pedalling pleasure. With its speed, comfort and pep, the RSM01 has something for everyone: from competitive racers to weekend warriors. The bike's sporting pedigree is perfect for forest trails and ready for a whole range of other terrain.

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Seriously sporty

Let the training begin! You'll feel the thrill of the chase course through you as soon as your feet touch the pedals of the RSM01. Whether barrelling along singletrack or tackling tougher terrain, you're bound to appreciate the bike's full array of features. Up your game with a carbon frame and 29" wheels!

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the RSM01 experience

A great competition bike and perfect training partner, the RSM01 shows its true colours in wide, open spaces. This cross-country designed bike offers enthusiasts moments of incomparable riding pleasure. It also stands out from the crowd with its adjustable suspended fork and hydraulic braking system.