time in the LJ11

The LJ11 is a new spin on your first childhood bicycle, designed for all explorers in the making. With the LJ11, you can turn back the clock and carry on the tradition of classic bicycles in your family.

vignette Feel

“Vintage” design

The LJ11 is fun for the little ones and their parents, who can relive their own childhood memories. The design remains faithful to the original.

visuel “Vintage” design

Stabilizers and a step-through frame

Safety and simplicity are the defining features of the LJ11. Young riders can start out with confidence thanks to the stabilizers, climbing on and off as they like, always in complete safety.

visuel Stabilizers and a step-through frame

Memorable accessories

Accessories such as the luggage rack, bell and chain-guard are designed to delight children and reassure their parents. 
All the little touches on the LJ11 will remind you of your first bicycle.

visuel Memorable accessories


the LJ11 experience

Let yourself be drawn in by the simplicity and colours of yesteryear. Share a unique experience with your children by introducing them to a timeless product.