Peugeot AE21


the AE21: clever and compact

The AE21 has an aura of irresistible elegance and boasts a whole array of assets to enhance its appeal. Smart, agile, urban and compact, Peugeot's new bike is a stylish, ingenious approach to city cycling.
With its innovative, versatile frame, Lithium-ion 'plug-in' battery, foldaway functionality and electric motor at the front wheel, the AE21 offers a new experience in mobility and design for the urban environment.

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An innovative, versatile frame

The 'Clever Case' frame houses the battery, a laptop bag and a high-quality ABUS Bordo folding lock. This central storage compartment between the rider's legs serves to protect the bag from theft while assisting the bike's dynamics and balance.

visuel An innovative, versatile frame

Creative practicality

With its compact design, enhanced by folding pedals and bars, the AE21 is easy to handle and sits snuggly against a wall at home or in the office. Collapsed to its smallest size, the bike is a breeze to carry around in any urban environment.

visuel Creative practicality

An inspired, stylish design

The AE21's combination of matt black and glossy white is both elegant and timeless. The overall look is enhanced by the exclusive seat and grips, along with a satchel specially designed for the AE21 and available as an optional extra.

visuel An inspired, stylish design
Peugeot AE21


AE21: urban adventure

Peugeot Cycles gave an AE21 prototype to fashion editor and commentator Marc Beaugé to test the bike on an inspired urban adventure in Europe's fashion hot spots. Follow the Fashion Wheel in PARIS, BERLIN, MILAN, LONDON and AMSTERDAM.

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Spotlight on Paris

Immerse yourself in an innovative urban experience: see how the AE21 handles the City of Light with fashion editor and commentator Marc Beaugé. Discover and rediscover the French capital, with its neighbourhoods, markets and cafés. Visit the most fashionable parts of Paris, from the latest concept store to the local bistro.

A British getaway in London

London is the next stop on the AE21's journey. Our cutting-edge correspondent meets Sarah Angold, a London resident in love with her city. She takes us to her jewellery workshop to talk about her trade before heading by bike to a secluded little bar, which she insists serves the best cocktails in the city. An address to remember!

The pleasure of riding in Amsterdam

A cycling city par excellence. The AE21 is a breath of fresh air in a city where the bike is king and everything is designed to make life easier on two wheels: we taste the best burgers in Amsterdam after stopping off at a popular café, before rounding things off at the barber's!


the AE21 experience

Intelligent design, versatile frame, folding pedals and handlebars, all everyday features that you'll be glad to have.You will find the compactness of this model convenient when travelling around town and its electric motor is perfect for clean urban use. The AE21 won an award in the Janus de l'Industrie 2014. The jury, made up of fifty independent experts, assessed the company's commitment through its compliance with a very strict specification based on five criteria, known as the "5Es": Economy / Ergonomics / Esthetics / Ethics / Emotion.