experience and expertise

Peugeot experience, expertise and innovation were instrumental
in the 301 design. The car's positively Peugeot style expresses energy and strength. Its remarkable road handling ensures utter driving pleasure and its high-quality equipment offers every comfort.

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A distinctive design

Drawing on Peugeot's signature styling, the 301 boasts an attractive, sophisticated design with sleek lines that convey a sense of both modernity and durability.

visuel A distinctive design

Real comfort

The 301 has an array of features specially designed to meet your every need and simplify life behind the wheel. With its outstanding capacity, driver-assist technology and road handling, the 301 offers a winning blend of style and driving comfort.

visuel Real comfort

The highest safety standards

The 301's active and passive safety features inspire confidence in the car without ever glossing over driver responsibility.

visuel The highest safety standards


reliability underpinned by 120 years of expertise

The new saloon draws on Peugeot's technical expertise
and makes its versatility an everyday asset. Whether on city streets
or tougher terrain, the 301 ably adapts to any driving conditions.

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Quality is not an optional extra!

The strength and quality of the 301 design were a central focus for Peugeot engineers.


the 301 experience

Safety and strength are central features of the Peugeot 301,
creating a sleek new saloon that is reliable and comfortable
without ever compromising on performance.