its invitation to travel

With the PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace, discover a modern vision of travelling with lots of room. Distinctive design, driving qualities worthy of PEUGEOT's know-how, Euro 6 BlueHDi engines, top of the range ambience and comfort... all these strengths come together to make your journeys trouble-free.
Its new base, adapted from the EMP2* modular platform, guarantees its high level of comfort, quality and efficiency.
*Efficient Modular Platform: the PSA Group's new generation platform

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Feeling of freedom

PEUGEOT launches a new reference in the Combispace world. The PEUGEOT Traveller stands out, thanks to its new features, worthy of saloons, and its distinctive design which exudes strength and elegance.



its trouble-free connected journeys

Enjoy a serene driving experience thanks to the innovative equipment in the new PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace. Simplify your journeys with the new-generation connected 3D navigation system with voice control.
With its distinctive design, the PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace invites you to take to the road and enjoy both your leisurely short trips and long journeys. Its modern, elegant silhouette lets you take in a spacious interior where everything has been designed for your convenience.

Connected 3D navigation

Simplify your journeys using the new generation of connected 3D navigation with voice control. It includes connected services and real-time traffic information from TomTom Traffic.

visuel Connected 3D navigation

Mirror Screen

The 7’’ screen  also includes the Mirror Screen function, which allows you to benefit from the applications on your Apple CarPlayTM, MirrorLink® or Android Auto  compatible smartphone.

visuel Mirror Screen

Head-up view

Essential driving assistance information is projected in colour on a fold-away screen situated in the driver's field of vision: speed, cruise control or limiter instructions, time between vehicles...  

visuel Head-up view

Visiopark 1

The rear-view camera  activates automatically when the car is put into reverse gear. It provides a 180° overhead view of the area behind the Combispace and its surroundings.

Speed limiter recommendation*

The multi-function camera recognises speed limit signs and alerts you to the limit on the instrument panel and/or head-up display. It is recommended that you save the speed read in your cruise control or speed limiter, if it is active.
*Available as an option, depending on the version

Active speed limiter

This system  allows you to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front by adjusting your vehicle's speed by up to 20 km per hr. There is no active breaking. This system is particularly suited to flowing and moderately heavy traffic.

Automatic switching beam

Active at night, this intelligent system  automatically switches the headlights from dipped to main beam and vice versa, based on whether the camera detects other vehicles.

Active Safety Brake

The Active Safety Brake  is a new generation of automatic emergency braking system that activates if an imminent collision is detected. The camera and radar detect any moving or stationary obstacle. In such a case, if the brakes are not applied or are not applied hard enough, the system takes over braking in place of the driver. This allows it to prevent a collision if the speed is less than 30 km per hr and to reduce damage in higher speed accidents.

Driver alert assistance*

This detects when a lane line is crossed unintentionally or randomly without the turn signal being activated. The audible and visual alert is particularly useful if the driver is drowsy or loses concentration momentarily.
*Available as an option, depending on the version

Grip control®

The PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace is equipped with a new generation of Grip control®  which improves road holding via its traction control system. Snow, off-road, sand, standard ESP or off; with the knob on the dashboard, you select the type of traction most suited to the terrain encountered. Now you can get away from it all with complete peace of mind.

visuel Grip control®


its interior comfort

Inside the PEUGEOT Traveller compact monospace, great emphasis has been placed on driving comfort. The step provides easy access to the raised seat with an exceptional view of the road, offering a driving position similar to a saloon. Take your seat: the driving position with its pure, modern design, is adorned with elegant materials and innovative equipment. Its understated, refined interior adapts to your every wish. The PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace offers driver and passengers convenience, comfort and top quality features.

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Glass roofs with shades

The two separately shaded glass roofs provide unique natural light in the passenger compartment and a panoramic view of the sky. The multi-function roof includes LED  ambience lighting, while the individual reading lights add to individual comfort.

visuel Glass roofs with shades

Optimised travelling conditions

When sharing your journey with family or friends, the child mirror, airline tray tables in the front seat-backs, sunshade curtains in the second seat row and the baggage concealer  are part of standard equipment.

visuel Optimised travelling conditions

Greater modularity

The PEUGEOT Traveller is available in 5, 7 or 8 seater configurations, all available in three lengths. The second and third rows of seats have a 2/3 - 1/3 split rear bench seat, both parts of which are completely independent and slide on rails for easy changes to the rear space. The removable, sliding seats make any configuration very easy to achieve, producing a space which can be adapted to any situation.

visuel Greater modularity


its distinctive personality

With the PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace, available in three lengths, discover a generously proportioned modern way to travel. Each version has eight seats and every seat has lots of room. The PEUGEOT Traveller is available in 5, 7 and 8-seater configurations. Thanks to its height limited to 1.90 m, you have easy access to urban and underground car parks, shopping centres and tourist areas.

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its lighting signature

Playful and inviting, the PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace also knows how to make a statement. With its new vertical grille, its LED  light signature and Xenon headlights set into the bodywork, the PEUGEOT Traveller makes a strongly assertive statement.

visuel its lighting signature

Sliding side doors

With the hands-free  sliding side doors function, you can open and close the PEUGEOT Traveller's doors, even when your hands are full. This completely new equipment opens and closes the sliding side doors with a simple foot movement under the vehicle's rear bumper. You only need to have your electronic key on you. And to make the driver's life easier, the PEUGEOT Traveller also has hands-free starting access.

visuel Sliding side doors

Opening rear screen

For simple access to the boot in parking spaces which are too tight to allow you to open the tailgate, the rear screen opens.

visuel Opening rear screen

Maximised load space

The PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace can take any load. To have 1350 litres of boot space, just fold down the seats in the third row. If you remove them completely, the boot grows to 1978 litres or even 3397 litres if you take out the second row of seats. Finally, by folding down the front passenger's seat back, the PEUGEOT Traveller can even carry items up to 3.50 m in length .

visuel Maximised load space


the PEUGEOT Traveller experience

The new BlueHDi engines on the PEUGEOT Traveller Combispace provide improved driving pleasure while minimising consumption and CO2 emissions. Particularly efficient, the EAT6 BlueHDi 180 engine is combined with a six-speed automatic gearbox with Quickshift technology. Quicker gear changes, excellent fluidity, a real pleasure to drive and reduced CO2 emissions... the new BlueHDi engines have everything to make you happy !