Peugeot RCZ


its distinctive appeal

Sleek and powerful styling, new lines and a unique personality: the new RZC is in a league of its own. Sporty and responsive, it combines driving pleasure and comfort with a luxurious interior that affords a sense of well-being.

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A sporty, sophisticated interior

Everything about the interior is elegant and refined. The modern, soft material of the dashboard sets the tone. Noble materials such as leather impart an air of elegance to this ultra-comfortable sports coupé.

visuel A sporty, sophisticated interior

“Double-bubble” roof

The most apparent highlight of the redesigned RCZ is its styling: the "double-bubble" roof, innovative front end, an air intake fitted with chrome trim... The new RCZ boasts a resolutely modern, exclusive design.

visuel “Double-bubble” roof

Noble materials

The contemporary materials inside the new RCZ—leather, textiles, aluminium and lacquer—combine technical perfection and cosy appeal. Once behind the wheel, you will wonder how you ever got along without them.

visuel Noble materials

Peugeot RCZ


its style, feel its power

With the new RCZ, Peugeot has upped the stakes in pure automotive emotion. Designed for enthusiasts, this coupé definitely stands out from the pack. Sporty and dynamic, it reaches new heights in efficiency, both above and under the hood.

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Pure driving pleasure, every day

Peugeot has put all its expertise in road handling and driving feel into the new RCZ, to create a coupé that holds the road like no other.

Peugeot RCZ


the new RCZ experience

With the new RCZ, you don't have to choose between performance and protecting the environment. Equipped with a modern, environmentally-responsible engine, it strikes the perfect balance between performance, low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.