its sporting performance

Discover the ultimate in driving sensations! High-performing and efficient, the RCZ R sports coupé guarantees easy everyday driving.
Equipped with a Torsen® limited-slip differential, it holds a tight line in the right through a bend.
Its low centre of gravity, its aerodynamic sleekness and its unique axle adjustments give the Peugeot RCZ R its remarkable grip and road-holding capacity.

The figures that reveal its performance

270 hp, 0 to 100 km.p.h. in 5.9 s, 145 g/km of CO2. The heightened sporting personality of the RCZ R is conveyed by statistics that immediately place it at ground-breaking heights of performance and efficiency.
Engine power 1.6 L THP 270 hp: urban consumption 8.4 L/100 km – non-urban consumption 5.1 L/100 km – mixed consumption 6.3 L/100 km – CO2 emission level 145 g/km.

visuel The figures that reveal its performance

High-performance braking

The RCZ R braking system shows exceptional endurance and performance, requiring less than 61 m to brake from 130 to 0 km.p.h.
Its extra-large red front brake callipers are designed by Peugeot Sport.


visuel High-performance braking

Technology Sound system

Listen to the RCZ R's "engine harmony". It is particularly finely crafted, thanks to Sound System* technology that produces different levels of sound depending on the rhythm of the engine.
* Optional extra

visuel Technology Sound system


a sports driving compartment

Climb into a driving compartment dedicated to the driver's pleasure and inspired by the expertise of Peugeot Sport, and savour the dynamic qualities of the RCZ R. The comfortable driving position, the small steering wheel, the short gear-stick, the new bucket seats providing extra-durable maintenance, highlighted by a unique trim combining Nappa full-grain leather and Alcantara black actively contribute to the driving sensations.

vignette Feel

A sporty style

Experience its exclusive personality, combining elegance and performance. Its ride attitude lowered by 10 mm and its wide 19" wheels give the RCZ R a very expressive posture, as though it were "stuck to the ground". Its large perfectly-integrated fixed rear fin extends its silhouette while ensuring improved aerodynamic performance.

visuel A sporty style


The RCZ R has a customised offer consisting of a glossed or satin-finished carbon roof, and bodywork stickers and black mirror covers.

visuel Customisation

Audio and navigation equipment

The RCZ R is equipped with WIP Nav Plus* technology that proposes navigation with a high-resolution 7" screen, an MP3-compatible dashboard CD player, a tri-tuner car radio, a Bluetooth® connection, Jack and USB sockets and information concerning current speed limits on main routes. * Optional extra.


visuel Audio and navigation equipment


its Peugeot Sport signature

With its extra-large red front brake callipers up to the edges of the doors, the RCZ R has numerous features displaying a Peugeot Sport signature.
Its two-tone diamond-finish/mat black 19" wheels in a sporty, technical style are marked with an R engraved directly into the alloy.
This elegant monogram is also found on the radiator grill and at the rear, completing the external RCZ R signature theme.

vignette Watch

Peugeot sports expertise

After numerous test and tuning sessions conducted by Peugeot Sport drivers and engineers, the RCZ R provides a unique combination of the requirements of racing driving and those of everyday use.

Peugeot RCZ R, test drive with bloggers

Discover the Peugeot RCZ R test drive in Vence with bloggers giving their first impressions as they meet Eric HELARY, 1993 winner of 24H LE MANS with the Peugeot 905. The RCZ R and its 270 hp is the most powerful production vehicle of Peugeot's history produced with the renowned expertise of Peugeot Sport. Video shot on closed roads with a professional driver


the New RCZ R experience

The Peugeot RCZ R is the most powerful mass-produced series in the brand's history. Its new 270 hp engine with a capacity of 1.6 L and CO2 emissions limited to only 145 g/km place this sports coupé in a category of extremely high performance, efficiency and dynamic sensations. It has established a specific power record in its category that even makes it among the best in the world for a mass-produced vehicle, and it has already satisfied Euro 6 emission standards.Engine power 1.6 L THP 270 hp: urban consumption 8.4 L/100km – non-urban consumption 5.1 L/100 km – mixed consumption 6.3 L/100 km – CO2 emission level 145 g/km.