New peugeot 5008


the enjoyment of travelling

The Peugeot 5008 is an elegantly designed compact monospace with a sleek profile. Designed to be a real source of inspiration and sharing, the Peugeot 5008 will captivate you with its personality, seen particularly in the expression of the brand's new stylistic features in the car's front design. On board, the driving sensations are worthy of a saloon and you will rediscover the enjoyment of travelling with the complete freedom and comfort of a compact monospace.

LED light signature

The Peugeot 5008 has an LED light signature along the underside of the headlights. The high-technology headlights express their strength through the way they are tightly integrated into the bodywork.

visuel LED light signature

An ergonomic driver's seat

Dedicated to the driver's comfort, the driver's seat in the 5008 allows you to look down on the road and feel safe, thanks to the high driving position and wide windscreen. The ergonomics of the cockpit provide easy access to all the controls. The angle of tilt of the steering wheel, comparable to that in a saloon, produces new driving sensations.

visuel An ergonomic driver's seat

Colour head-up display*

For even safer driving, essential information is projected in colour onto a fold-away screen situated within the driver's field of vision: speed, cruise control or speed limiter instruction, Distance Alert® inter-vehicle time system (assistance system for observing the correct time between vehicles) *Available as standard or as an option, depending on the version.

visuel Colour head-up display*
New peugeot 5008


its comfort and brightness

Allow yourself to be enthralled by its spaciousness and prepare yourself for living every journey more intensely when you take your seat aboard the 5008. The journey has begun: admire the view, thanks to the panoramic glass roof* and immense windscreen. The glazed surface of the 5008 totals 3.39 m2, providing each passenger with an exceptional feeling of light and space for greater comfort on journeys.
*Unavailable, standard or optional, depending on version.

vignette Feel

Exemplary adaptability

The 5008 gives you the freedom to re-organize the seat configuration and luggage space with ease, to suit all your activities. Configurable with 5 to 7 seats*, the monospace has individual fold-down seats and a flat floor. The luggage space allows you to transport items up to 2.76 m long without having to remove a single seat. *Optional.

visuel Exemplary adaptability

Driving assistance systems

At the wheel of the 5008, you have numerous driving assistance systems at your disposal. For increasingly intuitive and safer driving, make use of the Available Space Measurement* and Reversing Camera** functions when manoeuvering, or use the electric parking brake and assisted starting for easier hill starts. *Unavailable, standard or optional, depending on the version.**Unavailable or optional, depending on the version

visuel Driving assistance systems

A video pack for your entertainment

The video pack* allows rear passengers to be entertained during long journeys: a video player, games console or DVD player can be connected. Video distribution is via two 7" screens built into the rear of the front headrests and sound distribution is via two wireless Bluetooth® headsets that operate with a rechargeable battery. * Available as an option, depending on the version.

visuel A video pack for your entertainment
New peugeot 5008


its fluid and elegant style

With its elegant design, its adaptable passenger compartment, its generous space and ergonomic driver's seat, the 5008 compact monospace will help you rediscover the enjoyment of driving. A drive with friends, a trip into town or a long journey? The 5008 invites you to make the most of its exceptional road-holding capability, for new driving sensations.

New peugeot 5008


the 5008 experience

Preserving the future of the planet is one of the greatest challenges we face. Peugeot is making its contribution by offering a wide range of low-emission vehicles and technological breakthroughs. The e-HDi micro-hybrid technology is a new-generation STOP & START system. THE HDi FAP combines HDi technology with a highly effective pollution removal system, the particle filter (FAP). The gear change indicator tells the driver when it is the optimum moment to change gear, with a view to minimizing consumption. *Automatic engine stop and re-start system.