its strength and dynamism

Retaining all its strengths, the new Peugeot 3008, with its elegant revamped style, will take you on a journey of new experiences. Robust and dynamic, it has new technological equipment, improving its ease of handling and affording the driver a new driving experience.
The Grip Control* system of the new 3008 Crossover enables you to adapt your driving to every type of road surface encountered by adjusting traction to the adhesion conditions for safe, trouble-free driving.
*Option depending on the version – not available on the 2.0 HDi FAP 163 hp BVA6 or the 1.6 VTi 120 hp BVM5.

The Grip Control system

Select a traction mode using the central Grip Control* wheel. Understated and refined and perfectly integrated into the console, it will delight technology lovers. Snow, off-road, sand, ESP off, ESP standard, whatever the mode selected, you will always have the right solution for exhilarating driving.
*Option depending on the version – not available on the 2.0 HDi FAP 163 hp BVA6 or the 1.6 VTi 120 hp BVM5.

visuel The Grip Control system

Complete safety when manoeuvring

Practicality is at the heart of the design of the new 3008. The new Peugeot 3008 is now fitted with a reversing camera* that is automatically activated when reverse gear is selected. This allows the driver to see where he is going on a screen and to manoeuvre with increased safety.
*Optional or unavailable, depending on the version.

visuel Complete safety when manoeuvring

Makes parking easier

The parking assistant*, audible and graphical, tells the driver the distance between the car and an obstacle. The "available space measurement*" function assesses the size of the space and the level of difficulty of the manoeuvre to be made. Finally, and for greater convenience, the electric parking brake** is applied or released automatically.
*Standard, optional or unavailable, depending on the version. **Read the precautions for use in the user guide.

visuel Makes parking easier


a bright interior

For the interior of the new 3008, Peugeot has chosen an ergonomic cockpit with exclusive and sophisticated lines and offers to take you to a new dimension. In the passenger compartment, both the driver and passenger enjoy a remarkable brightness and visibility thanks to the 5 m2 panoramic tinted glass roof, promoting well-being and a sense of discovery.

vignette Feel

An ergonomic driving position

The innovative driver's cockpit in the new 3008 is truly ergonomic. The central console provides an elegant display, combining quality materials with the latest technology. The chrome bezels and stylish handle reinforce the unique character of the cockpit. You will appreciate its new driving position, providing the dignified dynamism of a saloon.

visuel An ergonomic driving position

An optimised field of vision

In the 3008, all the important information appears within the driver's field of vision for enhanced safety. Essential information for driving assistance is projected onto a retractable stalk in different colours for ease of reading: speed, cruise control or speed limiter setting and the Distance Alert®* system inter-vehicle time. *Standard, optional or unavailable, depending on the version.

visuel An optimised field of vision

A cleverly modular luggage space

The luggage space in the new 3008 adapts to every need: an intelligent 3-level luggage space with a 2/3 - 1/3 folding rear seat that is very easy to use, door pockets and numerous storage compartments that are both useful and discreet. In just a few minutes, the volume of the 3008 crossover's luggage space can be changed from 512 L to 1604 L. Folding down the front passenger seat allows a length of 2.62 m to be loaded.

visuel A cleverly modular luggage space


its contemporary style

The new 3008 is distinguished by its elegant and contemporary lines, emphasised by new lights. At the front, the new technological dark mask LED headlights* depict the characteristic light signature of the brand. At the rear, the three "floating" claws produce a sharp design that stands out from the lights. The new front of the crossover and the aerodynamics of its lines are reminiscent of strength and modernity. The body has structured wheel arches, wings with expressive folds, highly sculptured stainless trims and sills.
*Standard or optional, depending on the version.



the new 3008 experience

With its wide choice of engines, the new 3008 offers out-of-the-ordinary behaviour on the road, while being environmentally friendly. The four diesel engines are equipped with filters that reduce particle emissions to the limit of what is measurable. The three petrol engines meet Euro 5 standards. All versions of the 3008 are fitted with a speed regulator, and ESP (Electronic Stability Program), which links the dynamic stability control to the anti-skid system (ASR) to contribute to maintaining adhesion and control of the 3008.