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The 208 XY and GTi

  • 18/09/2012
  • Personal cars
Actualité mondial 208 XY et GTi
Actualité mondial 208 XY et GTi
Actualité mondial 208 XY et GTi
Peugeot rewrites the rules of the premium range with two profoundly-expressive and one-of-a-kind versions of its 208.

In spring 2012, Peugeot renewed its versatile urban-car segment and launched the 208. Peugeot will unveil two distinctive versions during the 2012 edition of the Paris Motor Show: the 208 XY and the 208 GTi. The first opens a new door for the brand, whilst the second centre-stages an icon.

An assertive style that reflects its drivers

Designed to meet the expectations of a demanding and highly-active clientele, the colours and materials used in the 208 XY and the 208 GTi have been fine tuned. The vivacity of the 208 is intensified by the dynamism of these 2 models with their larger seats and great attention to detail. 

"The 208 GTi and 208 XY are assertive, powerful, and reflect the drivers they are designed for". Pierre Authier, Director of 208 Style

The one-of-a-kind atmospheres of the 208 XY and 208 GTi epitomize the models' mascot colours – purple for the first, red for the second. A sense-stimulating invitation to discovery. Enjoy, smell, caress the materials, the finishing details, the fittings.

208 XY, urban chic and highly-exclusive

The sensual 208 XY seduces in a flash. Its robe, adorned with a new Purple Night tone, is interspersed with chrome details, subtle notes of purple on its Peugeot logos and on its wheels' central inlays. Seats are covered with Mithy fabric, Prestige TEP PU and Alcantara. A selection of exclusive trims ensures that this highly-elegant style can be customized at wish.The passenger compartment is not just luxurious; ergonomic, it is fully at the service of the driver. Steering is child's play with the petite bronze-perforated, full-grain leather wheel whereas the large 7'' extended-connectivity touchscreen ensures fingertip control (includes jack, USB, Bluetooth).
"When our teams discovered the 208 XY for the first time, they were immediately bowled over. Both women and men were seduced by its charm and its spirit". Anne Laliron, 208 XY and 208 GTi Project Leader

Destination is reached without a hitch, then Park Assist is activated. Automated parking is a moment of pure pleasure! With its ultrasonic sensors, front and back parking wizards complemented by two lateral sensors at the front, Park Assist measures the size of the spaces available until it detects a suitable one. The 208 XY parks itself in an innate and automatic way using the electric power steering system. Freed from this task, the driver only needs to keep a check on the car's movements and the objects around it... pure magic!

208 GTi, regenerating the myth

Specifications were straightforward: create a fun-filled, chic sporty car, an up-to-the-minute interpretation of the mythical GTi.

"With the 208 GTi we wished to give users sports driving pleasure, a pleasure that means something special to automobile lovers: vivacity, responsiveness, resonance... we drew our inspiration from the 205 GTi. The 208 GTi is its modern interpretation". Gaëtan Demoulin, Peugeot Customer Synthesis Manager

At first sight, the eyes focus on a presence, a car that asserts its identity: sporty and sophisticated. The Satin Pearlescent White nuance totally covers the 208 GTi, including its one-of-a-kind spoiler. The bodywork is undeniably sporty! And, the rear quarter light trims proudly display a lustrous chrome GTi logo highlighted in red.
The 1.6 THP 200 cc petrol engine expresses itself through a redesigned exhaust pipe. Paired with a mechanical close-ratio, 6-speed gearbox, the engine reaps the full potential from this chassis. With its maximum torque of 275 Nm and maximum power of 147 kW (200 hp) , the 208 GTi provides first-class acceleration and get-up-and-go.

A limited-edition 208 GTi

The arrival of a new GTi in the Peugeot range is always a key event, especially in the 200 series segment. To celebrate this occasion, Peugeot has created a Limited Edition of 50 examples. Draped in an exceptional Satin Pearlescent White, this extremely limited series proposes 17'' aluminium rims, diamond-alloy wheels with onyx black paint, coated with a gloss varnish. This limited-edition interior offers the lucky owners satellite navigation and the HiFi pack. A numbered plate is a tip of the hat that will remind them every day that they belong to a highly-selective club!