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RCZ Test Driver

  • 08/04/2013
  • Personal cars
RCZ Test Driver
RCZ Test Driver
RCZ Test Driver
The new Peugeot RCZ deserved a digital experience as exciting as its driving. It is now done through the website "RCZ Test Driver".

To accompany the commercial RCZ "Catch the thrill", this experiential and interactive website brings us into a fiction where a scientist of the laboratory takes a RCZ for a test at night...

Unfortunately, he is spotted by security guards. With the help of an engineer who sends messages, the mission of the player is to configure the car so he could escape the vigilance of the guards and go back to the lab safely.

The whole experience is developed in HTML5 and works on computers and tablets. It becomes even more interactive and original when the user pilots his computer using his smartphone. The smartphone becomes a remote control that allows, in response to the messages sent by the engineer, to change the body color, wheels and arches of the RCZ, even to add stickers.


Discover RCZ Test Driver:

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