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Peugeot's 2008 Concept showcased at the Paris Motor Show

  • 18/09/2012
  • Concept Cars
Actualité mondial 2008 concept
Actualité mondial 2008 concept
Actualité mondial 2008 concept
Peugeot presents its 2008 Concept at the Paris Motor Show: a compact saloon created by uniting talents from around the world.

To create its 2008 Concept, Peugeot rewrote the rules that it had been applying until now when renewing its models. The 208 saloon was designed using ambitious specifications developed to revive the compact saloon. Engineers and designers worked hand-in-hand throughout Europe, China and Latin America to create this seductive vehicle of tomorrow for this range.

The cities and Peugeot evolve together

From Sao Paulo to Shanghai, from London to Kuala Lumpur, from Cape Town to Moscow, cities are changing and a new generation of city cars is hitting the scene. Peugeot partnered with countries across the world to develop this groundbreaking concept which will be launched internationally. For them, with them, Peugeot's style teams in Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paulo created the urban 2008 Concept crossover. It will be manufactured a close as possible to its customers, first in Mulhouse, France and then in Wuhan, China and later in Porto Real, Brazil

Peugeot catalyses its experience

With more than 15 million Peugeot series 200 sold, the brand has gained historical credibility in the field of compact cars. More recently, thanks to the commercial success of its 3008 and its SXC concept, acclaimed at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2011, Peugeot is a legitimate player in the field of crossovers. By creating its 2008 Concept, Peugeot merged these two fields of excellence to design a new vehicle that combines agility, compactness, versatility with an assertive style for young urban drivers who are just as much at home in the city as in wide, open spaces. The 2008 Concept's urbanity is emphasized through its small size: 4.14 m long and 1.74 m wide.


Absolute, original style, where elegance and reliability meet

The 2008 Concept perceptibly adorns the brand's stylistic codes. Its athletic and racy lines accentuate its audacity, which reinterprets and reinvents the standards for spacious vehicles of the compact car segment. The 2008 Concept steals the show with its dazzling, spirited hues of fluorescent yellow and velvet matt varnish. Its bodywork is enhanced with Dark Chrome details that spotlight the modernity and elegance of this concept. Its front face blends sophistication and powerfulness, its bonnet and wings reassuringly inspire protection and reliability. Its pure-streamlined and intensely-aerodynamic silhouette, its elegant lines and trims pursuing the route, embody vivacity and power.

A 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine

Under its racy bonnet, the 2008 Concept houses a revolutionary, new-generation 3-cylinder petrol engine. Perfectly attuned to the vivacity and power of this concept car, the 3-cylinder 1.2 is equipped with a turbo and direct injection. Creating energy, yet preserving lightness, this engine enhances the vehicle's versatility with its 110 horsepower and reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.