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Peugeot unveils its 208 Type R5 at the Paris Motor Show

  • 18/09/2012
  • Peugeot Sport
Actualité mondial 208
Peugeot enters a pioneering sports-focused era with its 208 Type R5, already an undeniable benchmark in its category.

Peugeot Sport marks a new chapter in its sporty 208 models with the 208 Type R5. This outstanding competitive "wild cat" will outrun the 207 Super 2000, S2000 category benchmark, with its incredible technical and sports performances.

World premiere in Paris

Announced at the end of 2011, the 208 Type R5 will be showcased from 29 September to 14 October at the Paris Motor Show. Its cutting-edge technology and ultimately-streamlined lines perpetuate Peugeot's rally traditions. With its body designed for both asphalt and gravel, the 208 Type 5 will cut its teeth in races and will be commercially launched during Q2 2013, when it will run in the following season's national and international championships.

In the footsteps of success...

The groundbreaking 207 Super 2000 swept the board and is definitely leader in its category. It has walked off with 6 Intercontinental Rally Challenge titles, a myriad of firsts in various national championships and uncountable victories throughout the world. The 208 Type R5 aims to follow proudly in its footsteps. And to ensure it does, it will benefit from Peugeot Sport's many years of highly-acknowledged expertise, experience and savoir-faire.

Optimally-efficient and cost-effective

The R5 category comprises group A cars derived from a series model whose profile will be rolled out at least 25,000 units. To be launched by the FIA in 2013, it intends to cut costs dramatically across-the-board, including operational-specific ones. Technical regulations will replicate the S2000 category's major assets: 4 drive wheels, 5-speed sequential gearbox, no centre differential, long-travel suspension. S2000 similarities are also perceivable externally through the model's wider structure, spoiler, enhanced wheel arches for 18'' wheels and, of course, ever-so-light 1,200 kg weight for the asphalt and gravel version, as well as for the WRCs. Another exclusivity: the 2 L engine is replaced by a 1.6 L turbo. The 208 Type R5 will house the series-produced EP6 CDT.

208: a great asset

Peugeot's 208 Type R5 draws from 208 developments, including a weight reduction of around 40 kg when compared with the 207. Its overall size is an incredible asset and its long wheelbase provides optimal chassis stability. Its high-compactness greatly boosts two of the most desired and decisive factors for racing cars - sharpness and efficiency. The 208's powerful qualities blend together to offer the Type R5 the utmost in driving dynamics.

Commitments from 2013

The 208 Type R5 is highly ambitious: designed and assembled in the Peugeot sport workshops in Vélizy, France, it will undergo extensive testing from the end of 2012 on asphalt and on gravel. With its commercial launch scheduled for the second half of 2013, the 208 Type R5 is likely to quickly prove itself as a winner in a range of championships: the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, the European Rally Championship and national races.