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PEUGEOT’s sporty models appear in “3 DAYS TO KILL”

  • 10/03/2014
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Peugeot movie 3 days to Kill
Peugeot movie 3 days to Kill
PEUGEOT’s sporty models appear in “3 DAYS TO KILL”

The PEUGEOT RCZ and 208 GTi, as well as a bicycle specially customised for the film, will appear in “3 Days to Kill”, a new film by McG (Charlie’s angel, Terminator salvation), based on an original idea by Luc Besson, which will be released on March 19th in France. This action thriller with Kevin Costner as a formidable secret agent, moving between the curvaceous and inflexible Amber Heard, his wife and his daughter, played by Connie Nielsen and Hailee Steinfeld, gives prominence to many PEUGEOT vehicles.

PEUGEOT continues to be associated with the big cinema producers, such as Woody Allen or Michel Gondry, and particularly appreciated the plot of this American production with its international cast, where the action takes place almost entirely in the streets of Paris, as well as an impressive espionage and action scene in Serbia.

“Tailored” products for a gripping plot

The Peugeot cars perfectly met the needs of production, who were looking for dynamic vehicles for the action scenes, as well as a bicycle, a key object in the plot” explains Luc Besson. So a PEUGEOT bicycle naturally found its place in this film. It has a strong presence on-screen because of the central role that it plays in the story of Kevin Costner and his daughter. Personalised and painted violet to suit the needs of the film, with three examples made in different sizes, the PEUGEOT LC11 bicycle is available in black for sale and has won Kevin Costner’s approval as he wanted to keep one. It is at the wheel of a black PEUGEOT RCZ, given a matt finish for the film that Amber Heard, the main female character, travels around in during the film. The car, with excellent precision and remarkably stable, made the actress want to carry out her stunts herself.

A PEUGEOT 208 GTi, driven by Kevin Costner in the middle of Paris during an intense pursuit, demonstrated and highlighted the sporty, eager and sure character of the vehicle.

Produced by the American McG, co-written by Luc Besson and distributed by EuropaCorp, “3 days to kill” was released on February 21st in the United States, will be onscreen on March19th in France then in other countries.  

A “3 Days to Drive” promotional campaign

For PEUGEOT, depending on the countries, this is also the occasion to offer customers a “3 Days to Drive “ event to test-drive the PEUGEOT RCZ R 270hp and 208 Gti 200hp at a dealer. A television, magazine, internet and POS advertising campaign will drive this international campaign , as well as points of sales redecorated according to the creative axis taken from the official movie poster.