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PEUGEOT MUSIC, the international music programme by PEUGEOT

  • 26/05/2014
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Peugeot Music
Peugeot Music
PEUGEOT MUSIC, the international music programme by PEUGEOT

PEUGEOT launches PEUGEOT MUSIC, an innovative musical experience.  “The concept?"  To allow everyone to discover, share and exchange PEUGEOT’s values through the world of music, via their smartphone, their tablet, in their car or in a PEUGEOT showroom. PEUGEOT MUSIC is aimed to both at customers and fans of the brand as well as all music lovers.

With PEUGEOT MUSIC, the brand aims to attract customers and strengthen the links with them through the emotion and the sharing of a musical experience, as well as reaching a younger customer base. PEUGEOT MUSIC is a unique and international musical programme which offers to everyone, wherever they are, on any type of computer, tablet or smartphone, the benefits of a PEUGEOT musical world. This digital platform comprises a website dedicated to selected local and international artists, an internet radio station and an on-line community devoted to PEUGEOT MUSIC.

For this PEUGEOT has chosen a big name in international music agencies, MBM Music, a specialist in musical design and architecture for the great luxury brands, that was able to interpret PEUGEOT’s values and express them in music. In short, through its selection of artists, PEUGEOT MUSIC uniquely expresses the brand’s DNA.

PEUGEOT MUSIC, an international and connected sound

The PEUGEOT MUSIC internet radio station offers, through links with national or international record labels, 300 titles classified by genre, 30 to 40 % of which are updated every week. Members of the PEUGEOT MUSIC community will be able to interact with the   website and benefit from exclusive content, discover new talent, live concerts, interviews with artists and win points for participating. 

The PEUGEOT internet radio station will also be accessible wherever the brand has a presence: showrooms, motor shows, as well as in PEUGEOT vehicles, starting with the new PEUGEOT 108, via the Mirrorscreen system.

PEUGEOT, developer of talent

With the new “Motion & Emotion” signature in 2010, music was confirmed as a natural form of expression for PEUGEOT, to be illustrated particularly through television advertising campaigns. The visibility offered by the brand has served as a true springboard for young artist like YUKSEK with the PEUGEOT corporate brand advertising campaign and his track “Tonight “, Jabberwocky with the “Photomaton” tube for the PEUGEOT 208 advertising, or the Californian group Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, whose track “Home” is now associated with the PEUGEOT 2008 advertising. 

A new demonstration of PEUGEOT’s investment in the world of music is the partnership the brand just signed together with Lykke Li, a young and brilliant Swedish singer, for the launch of the future PEUGEOT 108. Lykke Li, 27 years old and internationally recognised for her track “I follow rivers“, will release her first album in the spring 2014.

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