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Peugeot extends its partnership with Roland Garros in Latin America in 2013

  • 28/05/2013
  • Tennis
peugeot roland garros vehicle special series
peugeot roland garros metropolis scooter cycle special series
Peugeot is renewing its partnership with Roland Garros for the 29th year and also its commitment as official carrier of international courts of France.

It's the opportunity for the brand to renew the special series Roland Garros in Europe, China and for the first time in Latin America. Finally, Peugeot offers a fleet of two hundred vehicles and ten scooters.

For the fifth consecutive year, under the 'Road to Roland Garros' program, Peugeot transports tournament players who are subject to original interviews inside a Peugeot 3008 Roland Garros during their ride between their hotel and the court.

After China, Latin America...

Last year, for the first time in the history of the brand, Peugeot has manufactured and marketed in China three special series Roland Garros on 308, 408 as well as 508.

This year, there are four Latin American countries which commercialize special series Roland Garros:  Argentina with 3008, Mexico with 207 CC, 308 CC and 3008, Chile with 308 CC and finally Brazil with 3008, 308 and 308 CC.

High-range special series

In Europe, Peugeot sells several vehicles of the special Roland Garros series. Thus, 207CC, 308CC and 3008 are adorned with colors and special equipment such as leather upholstery Guérande.

Regarding the two-wheeled, Peugeot Scooter presents Satellis 125i Roland Garros. Equipped with an injection engine LFE (low friction efficiency), there is no compromise between elegance and performance. Capable of reaching 115 km / h, lively on accelerations, it can manage its effort with a consumption of 3.5 L/100 km. Regarding style, it pushes the required level to the maximum with a white color, its aluminium rims, its two-tone saddle with yellow topstitchings, an allusion to the tournament balls, and its passenger backrest stamped Roland Garros. It does not forget the essential in the least with his XXL boot, able to stock two rackets under the seat. The French Touch at your service.

Finally, Peugeot Cycles provides limited edition of RG01, featuring a lightweight aluminum bicycle frame, hydraulic disc brakes and a 9 speed transmission with rapid-fires control. This bike is distributed throughout the Peugeot network.

A Grand Slam tournament world-renowned

Roland Garros, Grand Slam essential step, opens its doors to the public from 26 May to 09 June 2013. The Paris tournament, broadcasted in over 170 countries around the world, is a great opportunity for Peugeot international communication.