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PEUGEOT AVENUE:"Winter collections"

  • 19/11/2013
  • Peugeot Avenue
Peugeot avenue winter collections rcz 404
Peugeot avenue winter collections H2O Kart up
Peugeot avenue winter collections metropolis
Peugeot avenue winter collections interior
Peugeot Avenue RCZR Winter collections 2013
Discover ten years of Peugeot emotions (2003-2013) at Peugeot Avenue and the last one called "Winter collections"

PEUGEOT AVENUE on the Champs Elysées is looking ahead to the arrival of winter with its new Christmas event, an invitation to experience the magic of Christmas “by PEUGEOT”. Four worlds, rich in emotion, highlighting 4 vehicles that are emblematic of the Lion brand.

Half-dream, half-reality …

Discover the new PEUGEOT RCZ-R, the pumped-up version of the RCZ sports coupé. To be launched early in 2014, this vehicle, emblematic of PEUGEOT’s know-how in terms of design and driving experience, is today the most powerful standard production vehicle in the brand’s history      (270 hp !).

(Re)-discover a legendary car, the PEUGEOT “404 Diesel des Records”, a single seat 404 coupé, that in 1965 beat 40 international endurance and pure speed records (average speed : 161.590 km/h), at the Montlhéry racing circuit. Alongside, the only example of the H2O technology demonstrator concept. Born in 2002 and based on a PEUGEOT 206, it associates the playful and dynamic appearance of a fire engine with a very innovative means of propulsion: the fuel cell. The Kart up” concept, one of the four “City Toyz presented at the Paris Motor Show to celebrate the year 2000, is fruit of the imagination of PEUGEOT designers. Its carbon fibre monocoque body offers two front seats protected by a glass windscreen and roof, forming a bubble.

Enter the  Metropolis 400 RS “Box” and discover the three-wheeled PEUGEOT scooter, which asserts its automobile associations and shows the brand’s feline character. Visitors can discover the strong points of this 3-wheel scooter in a playful way with an interactive screen.

Ideas for the list to send to Father Christmas...

Peugeot Avenue winter gifts


In addition to the model cars and the “must haves” – PEUGEOT pepper and salt mills and coffee grinders, PEUGEOT Avenue also offers other ideas for Christmas gifts and new lines in its “Children” range (mascots, set of skittles, soft toys…) and the “ Emotion” range (mug, T-Shirt,..) which presents the evolution of the Peugeot’s emblem from the 201 to the 204 through a very colourful patchwork !


  Peugeot Avenue : 136, Avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris