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Peugeot at the Paris Motor Show

  • 18/09/2012
  • Motor Show
actualité mondial
actualité mondiale
Peugeot au Mondial de Paris
Peugeot invites you to the "must-not-miss" international automobile event: the Paris Motor Show.
Peugeot will showcase the trumps cards of its successful comeback on a brand new cutting-edge stand. The brand will centre stage its innovational 208, reassert its upmarket positioning strategy and admitted automobile pleasure, yet again illustrate its inspiration and expertise through its Onyx concept and confirm the rapidity of its internationalization strategy with its 301 and 2008 Concept.

Upmarket positioning and admitted pleasure

Unveiled as concepts at the Geneva Motor Show, the 208 XY and 208 GTi will be showcased in Paris with their final livery and will be commercially lunched six months from now. The 208 has literally turned its category upside-down.
The 208 XY and 208 GTi have shaken up the Premium.
3-door silhouettes with highly-assertive exterior identities, one-of-a-kind grilles, lucent front-end signature, exclusive 17' rims, meticulous work on materials and colours, exceptional interior atmospheres: even before engines are revved, the urban-chic and highly-exclusive 208 XY and the 208 GTi that breathes life into the myth, will attract attention...


Inspiration: Onyx Concept and Peugeot's Design Lab

Excellence, emotion, style... On the Peugeot space at the 2012 edition of the Paris Motor Show, the Onyx intends to follow in the footsteps of the brand's supercars and literally bowl visitors over. The Onyx Concept Bike and Onyx Concept Scooter, presented next to the car, are a tip of the hat to Peugeot's longstanding expertise in personal mobility solutions.
The brand will also present the first accomplishments from the Peugeot design Lab, which was launched last June. It focuses on designing non-automobile products, services and experiences.
The Peugeot Design Lab's work covers a range of fields: brand imaging, creation, development, industrialization, communication.

Internationalization: Peugeot moves into high gear

For the first half of 2012, the volume of Peugeot-assembled vehicles sold outside Europe increased by 7.5% compared with the same period in 2011, at 287,000 examples. To kick into gear at the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot will present two major trump cards which confirm the speed of its internationalization strategy: the 301 and the 2008 Concept.

The revolutionary 301

This car, which will be showcased during the two press days, was designed to attract a clientele wishing to purchase in growing market segments: a demanding clientele, interested in enhancive yet affordable triple-compartment saloons. Incorporating the brand's latest stylistic codes, the 301 reveals a unique design which inspires both emotion and reliability.
The Peugeot 301, manufactured in Vigo (Spain), will be widely commercialized throughout Turkey, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Maghreb, Middle East and certain Latin American countries, and will be industrially and commercially launched in China during a second launch phase.

The 2008 Concept

Following on from the Urban Crossover Concept inaugurated at the last Peking Motor Show, Peugeot will present its automobile solution for an ever-urbanized world to the public in Paris: the 2008 Concept.
Engineers and designers worked hand-in-hand across Europe, China and Latin America to create Peugeot's compact model of tomorrow, which merges the brand's renowned expertise in city cars and its savoir-faire in crossovers.
The 2008 Concept is a small compact vehicle (4.14 m) that combines agility, versatility with an assertive, elegant style for young urban drivers from Sao Paulo to Shanghai, from Paris to Kuala Lumpur and Moscow, who are just as much at home in the city as in wide, open spaces...