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“On the road of discovery”: Explore Peugeot innovations

  • 21/06/2013
  • Peugeot Avenue
peugeot avenue champs elysées on the road of discovery
peugeot avenue champs elysées on the road of discovery
peugeot avenue champs elysées on the road of discovery
peugeot avenue champs elysées on the road of discovery
Peugeot Avenue sets out "Sur la Route des découvertes" (On the road of discovery) from 19 June to 8 September 2013, at 136 avenue des Champs Elysées.

This new presentation revisits Peugeot's pioneering spirit over the ages in three "jungles" that present important models and concepts in the marque's history: 401 Eclipse, 908 Hybrid4, the Quark concept and the 2008 urban crossover. An interactive programme also allows visitors the discover Peugeot in an enjoyable way.

The Peugeot 401 Eclipse, initiator of the coupe cabriolets

Launched in 1935, 401 Eclipse was the first car in the world to have an electrically operated folding roof. Praised for its elegance and robustness, it was the embodiment of pure driving pleasure. The driver was able to turn simple journeys into dreamy adventures, backed up by hitherto unknown exterior physical sensations. Predecessor of the modern Peugeot Coupé Cabriolets, 401 Eclipse is the perfect reflection of the marque's pioneering spirit, through an innovation in vehicle use that changed the sensations of driving.

908 Hybrid4 and Quark, technological and environmental efficiency

Combining efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint, these models are based on a Diesel hybrid engine for 908 Hybrid4 and on four electric motors powered by a fuel cell for the Quark concept. These two vehicles illustrate the progress made by Peugeot in terms of technologies for the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions.

The Peugeot 2008, the cosmopolitan urban crossover

Visitors can also explore the urban jungle with the 2008, the new Peugeot city crossover. Designed by international stylists, 2008 is clearly strong and fit for all surfaces.

A playful and vintage game introduces visitors to three symbolic worlds, three continents that are each unique, all destined to receive the 2008: Europe, Asia and South America. A system using QR codes triggering sensual experiences completes the digital interactivity of the presentation at Peugeot Avenue.

Peugeot Avenue : 136, Avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris