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eDL122: Discover the compact, urban e-bike at the Paris Motor Show

  • 18/09/2012
  • Concept Bikes
Actualité mondial eDL122
Actualité mondial eDL122
Peugeot Cycles and Design Lab have taken DL122 mobility to the cutting-edge and have created the eDL122, which will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show.

Agility, compactness, practicality

With an electrical engine integrated into its front wheel, the eDL122 is the perfect partner for easy-going, noiseless, eco-friendly city riding.
Its compact Plug-In technology battery is set neatly into the bike's frame. The bike retains a simple yet elegant style which does not compromise the practicality replicated from the previous model. The laptop satchel and the latest-generation foldable anti-theft are incorporated in the centre of the frame.




An ultra-practical battery

The detachable battery can be recharged separately or whilst still on the bike. Its autonomy corresponds to regular urban use. Cables are perfectly concealed inside the handlebars and battery-mode and gear-change selectors are integrated into the body.

Incomparable design

To give the eDL122 intensely-urban tonalities, material details were revamped. The wood retains its chic and natural style but the rear part is now lacquered black, with a discreet, high-tech visual accent. The exclusive leatherwork covers the saddle, the handlebars and grips, as well as the satchel specially designed for the DL122. This work was meticulously handcrafted by saddlers who embellish Peugeot's concept cars.