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Discover the new Peugeot 301

  • 18/09/2012
  • Personal cars
actualité peugeot 301

The new Peugeot 301

The new Peugeot 301 is a clear illustration of the Marque's internationalisation and its desire to conquer new markets. It has been specifically designed to appeal to a wide customer base, demanding and attracted by 'three-compartment' Saloons which are both affordable and offer status.

Modernity beats at the heart of the vehicle

The Peugeot 301 is positioned at the heart of its segment. It offers modern styling and features, carefully adapted to fulfil the expectations of the different markets in which it will be sold.
The 301 incorporates the very latest stylistic codes of the Marque offering a design of refined character and a modern appearance which inspire emotion and give an aura of strength. Furthermore, the design of the vehicle was guided at every stage by this last requirement, incorporating Peugeot's best quality criteria.



Elegance and simplicity

The Peugeot stylists who designed the 301 were inspired to a great extent by the SR1 Concept car, a model symbolising the new identity of the Peugeot marque. So, the lines are pure, clean and refined. The modernity and simplicity of its design give an impression of elegance, like a beautiful design object.
Adopting Peugeot's latest stylistic codes, the 301 has a strong and dynamic character with sculpted lines and large bodywork surfaces, which also contribute to the vehicle's generous, strong and high quality image. Its balanced proportions give it a sleek and elegant profile.

Colours and materials symbolising timeless elegance

To highlight the elegance of the 301, seven colours have been chosen to make up the range: Rich Oak, Hazelnut, Kyanos Blue, Shark Grey, Aluminium Grey, Bianca White and Onyx Black.
The colour schemes which accompany these metallic or plain colours contribute to the impression of perceived quality and reassurance of the passenger compartment of the 301. Two ambiances are offered: Mono-tone Mistral Black and two-tone Mistral Black / Lama to offer a light colour scheme, highly valued in certain markets.

A comprehensive range of engines of the latest generation

The 301's engines fulfil the same aim of modernity. So it is engines of the latest generation which equip Peugeot's new compact three-compartment saloon. Combining performance and low consumption, this range of petrol and diesel engines is suited to the expectations of the target markets, with power values ranging from 72bhp to 115bhp and manual, piloted or automatic gearboxes:

  • 1.2 l VTi 53kW (72bhp) with manual or piloted gearbox
  • 1.6 l VTi 85kW (115bhp) with manual or automatic gearbox
  • 1.6 l HDi 68kW (92bhp) with manual gearbox

A three-compartment saloon for the international market

The Peugeot 301 will go on sale from 1st November in Turkey, then in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Maghreb, Middle East, Gulf and African States, certain Latin American markets then in a second phase in China.