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Animation "Emotion in Motion" at Peugeot Avenue

  • 24/10/2012
  • Peugeot Avenue
Animation « Emotion in Motion » at Peugeot Avenue
Animation « Emotion in Motion » at Peugeot Avenue
Animation « Emotion in Motion » at Peugeot Avenue
From the 29th September to the 25th November 2012, Peugeot Avenue is hosting its 60th "Emotion in Motion" event in collaboration with the Wanda BARCELONA collective.

Art and style

The new event places origami - that most rigourous of art forms - at the heart of Peugeot Avenue. A collective of artists led by Wanda BARCELONA exercised infinite patience over 560 hours of production and 26 hours of installation to create 2,800 birds and a giant lion, made using 2,400 individual origami pieces, to attract visitors' attention and inspire emotion. Surrounded by paper birds, two vehicles from the 500 series: the 504 cabriolet, produced from 1969 to 1983, which has long symbolised the brand's expertise, and a 508 RXH equipped with the world's very first diesel hybrid technology. Two concept cars are also on show to the public: the BB1, a futuristic vision of urban mobility, and the HX1, a glimpse into the future of the top-of-the-range segment.

Peugeot Avenue

Launched in 2000, Peugeot Avenue is Peugeot's brand room situated at number 136 on the world's most beautiful avenue:the Champs-Elysées. Peugeot Avenue is a 300 m² communication space which promotes Peugeot's values through five annual illustrated events in a completely redesigned setting, using the Brand's legendary concept cars, historic vehicles and large-scale production models. Peugeot Avenue welcomed nearly 2,600,000 visitors in 2011.