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208 XY preview at Peugeot Avenue

  • 05/03/2013
  • Peugeot Avenue
208 XY preview at Peugeot Avenue
208 XY preview at Peugeot Avenue
Peugeot Avenue is showcasing the 208 XY, a distinctive member of the 208 family due to be launched in France on 11 April and Europe in May. To mark the launch, a new "Light Up the City" installation featuring interactive eXperYences and a tour of world capitals is scheduled to run until 14 April 2013,  giving visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the XY amid refined surroundings and a unique ambience.

The 208 XY also opens a new chapter in Peugeot history: an era of cars with exclusive appeal. With the 208 XY and its new Light Up the City installation, Peugeot Avenue bathes in the light of world capitals, represented by typical attractions that immerse visitors in unique, interactive eXperYences.

Light Up the City is a feast for the senses, featuring several different installations. Drive in NYC presents the 208 XY from every angle. Eat in Paris introduces visitors to the world of fine dining in the French capital. In the centre of the showroom, a dance podium invites people to move to the rhythm of Dance in Rio. Chill out in Shanghai is all about relaxation amid cosy surroundings where visitors can sit back on XY-coloured cushions to watch a 208 XY promo video shown on a coffee table while listening to Serge Gainsbourg's Melody, played by sasers.

The tour ends on another high note with a chance to browse a real Shop in London, complete with Peugeot-themed products. An interactive photo booth is available for anyone to use and is connected to social networks, allowing visitors to travel from the comfort of Peugeot Avenue Paris and have their picture taken in the light of mythical attractions in four world capitals—Paris, London, New York and Shanghai—bedecked in XY colours specially for the occasion.

Discover the video of the two "eXperYence" bloggers nights held at Peugeot Avenue on the Champs Elysées on 21 and 23 February. They were able to discover the 208 XY during a culinary eXperYence orchestrated by chef Christophe Pelé.

Peugeot Avenue : 136, Avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris