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208 GTi Racing Experience: And now, the race!

  • 12/04/2013
  • Peugeot Sport
208 GTi Racing Experience: And now, the race!
208 GTi Racing Experience: And now, the race!
208 GTi Racing Experience: And now, the race!
The learning phase at Nürburgring for the 8 winners of the 208 GTi Racing Experience was not helped by the weather, which caused the VLN Test Day and VLN 1 to be cancelled and put back. However, this did not damage their motivation, which remained intact, and rather generated much impatience in them to be able to finally run on the circuit that had become their final aim!

This would finally materialise during VLN 2 and VLN 3 which above all would be the way of learning the circuit and the special aspects of the race in this environment. To this end, they would run in the 208 Racing Cup developed and built by Peugeot Sport.

In parallel, the 208 GTi Peugeot Sport would still be in development: the VLN 2 would be its first race appearance, in the hands of Stéphane CAILLET, Michael BOHRER and Jürgen NETT. Truly groundbreaking work so that 5 weeks later, the eight team members are provided with the absolute weapon to tame the “green devil”!

The result is that after this preliminary and qualifying phase, the 8 winners of the 208 GTi Racing Experience will be entrusted with the wheel of two 208 GTi Peugeot Sport vehicles for the Nürburgring 24 hour race. A car designed, developed and built by Peugeot Sport to a very precise specification. It includes the best of the standard Peugeot 208 GTi, sublimates it in terms of performance, but with a very special perspective, as explains Florent MEILHAUD, the engineer responsible for development: “The drivers each had rather different experience. One of the objectives was to create a well-balanced car that is pleasant to drive, easy to handle and to recover in the event of losing grip. It must also protect the drivers’ physical condition; this is essential for long races, when driving for up to 2 hours long stints. It is therefore well laid out for endurance racing, with steering wheel-mounted paddles for changing gears, and a maximum number of controls close to hand to ensure the driver’s concentration is maintained during their time at the wheel”

The adventure continues… It is certainly a fine human adventure. After VLN 2 and VLN 3, we meet at the Nürburgring 24 hour race, and good luck to the 8 drivers of the 208 GTi Peugeot Sport !


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