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2008 HYbrid Air: A key step towards the heart of the hybrid range

  • 18/02/2013
  • Engines
2008 HYbrid Air: A key step towards the heart of the hybrid range
With the HYbrid Air technology, Peugeot confirms on the one hand its strategy of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and on the other hand its pioneering nature, with a new breakthrough solution.

In fact, the HYbrid Air combines petrol with compressed air in a full-hybrid solution. This technology is a key step in achieving the goal of 2.0-litres/100km, a feature destined to become widespread due to its simplicity, durability and international character.

Hybrid strategy

Peugeot has set itself the goal of reducing the average CO2 emissions of its range to 116g/km in 2015 without sacrificing driving pleasure. To achieve this, it is investing in a range of technologies which are already present on its vehicles and permit substantial progress: continuous improvement of the efficiency of the internal combustion engines, a petrol and diesel engine down-sizing strategy, widespread use of the Stop & Start, electric vehicles, etc.

The accomplished HYbrid4, diesel-electric hybrid, is part of this process. Launched as a world first by Peugeot on the 3008 Crossover, it was then extended to the 508 RXH and the 508 Saloon HYbrid4.

With the 2008 HYbrid Air, Peugeot is innovating once more in the interests of the environment and of its customers in all of its markets.  In fact, this breakthrough technology is introduced on the 2008, the new urban crossover developed by and for three continents. It is the natural medium for this new drivetrain, which combines petrol and compressed air to fulfil the expectations of customers and rise to the increasing challenges of the motor industry.

The HYbrid Air combines tried and tested technology: the new generation of 3-cylinder petrol engines and compressed air. Such an ingenious idea cannot result from a conventional development programme. So, the HYbrid Air technology is the result of a project which mobilised 200 people on the same platform.