Respect for exacting standards is a core Brand value

Unique know-how since 1898

Since 1898, PEUGEOT CYCLES has drawn on its unique know-how to design and develop its bicycles. Paying particular attention to design, safety and technological innovation, the Brand is researching new environmentally-friendly transport solutions.

A new styling line

PEUGEOT CYCLES recently developed a new styling line, design elements of which can be found in its cars and bicycles. PEUGEOT CYCLES is focusing on helping to develop clean transport solutions that are respectful of the urban environment, and complement the Brand's motor vehicles.

Responsive, elegant bicycles

PEUGEOT CYCLES is a global generalist manufacturer which offers a complete range of sport and leisure bicycles, both conventional and electrically-assisted, designed by Peugeot Design Lab's stylists and assembled in France in Romilly sur Seine by Cycleurope. This range is made up of responsive, elegant bicycles to tempt you to dream and escape.

The Brand


Mass production of penny-farthings, featuring a 1.36 m front wheel and a small 40 cm rear wheel.


Creation of a new Peugeot bicycle company, designed to separate the production of bikes from that of cars.


Acquisition of the Romilly sur Seine plant, which becomes the second-largest production site.


Bernard Thévenet claims Peugeot's tenth of ten Tour de France wins.


PEUGEOT is the first French brand to market an MTB.


First electrically-assisted pedal bicycle (EAPC) from the brand as part of an overarching vision of mobility.


PEUGEOT releases the HYbrid-Bike AE21. City-friendly, compact, electric with a smart frame featuring a battery, laptop bag, anti-theft storage and USB port.

The History