concept GTi surfboard

Peugeot GTi Surfboard


riding the crest of a wave

The Peugeot Design Lab has produced a swell of sophistication with its latest creation: the GTi Surfboard Concept.
The concept strikes the perfect balance between the traditional wood of classic surfboards and Peugeot's carbon fiber technology. Everything is specifically designed to create a more responsive, agile ride.

vignette Feel

Emotion: natural wood

The GTi Surfboard Concept captures the spirit of surfing, from the thrill of the wave to communion with nature. The front end features the natural wood found in classic surfboards, styled to convey elegance and 'Emotion'.

visuel Emotion: natural wood

Motion: carbon fibre

The 'coupe franche' (clean cut) design provides a distinctive separation between the front and rear of the board. The 'Motion' tail piece is made entirely of carbon fiber and boasts a precise, technical design, ensuring a truly responsive board for the ultimate ride! 

visuel Motion: carbon fibre

Carbon fibre fins

The carbon fibre fins sit snug to the rear edge of the board, adding stability crucial to the GTi Surfboard Concept's impressive control and ensuring an amazing and exhilarating sense of agility for wave seekers everywhere.  

visuel Carbon fibre fins
concept GTi surfboard

Peugeot GTi Surfboard


the GTi Surfboard experience

The GTi Surfboard Concept draws on the driving pleasure inherent in Peugeot's latest high-performance sports cars, such as the new 208 GTi, the highly exclusive Onyx Concept Car and the forthcoming RCZ R. 
The dual design, with its blend of wood and carbon fibre, is the perfect embodiment of Peugeot's "Motion & Emotion" signature.