Peugeot concept scooter onyx

Peugeot Onyx scooter


Discover a hybrid supertrike

Integrating the stylistic codes of the brand's automobiles, Peugeot's Onyx Concept Scooter is a 2-in-1 supertrike with sculptural lines. A crossover between a motorized 2-wheeler and a car, this 3-wheeler is at home everywhere. Its athletic silhouette radiates the spirit of hypersport bikes yet it can become an urban scooter in a couple of seconds to fit the rider's desires.

vignette Feel

Matt black and copper nuances

With its matt black coat, the Onyx Concept Scooter radiates pure elegance. And through its coppered details, you can catch a glimpse of its pioneering technology.

visuel Matt black and copper nuances

A more classical urban mode

In the city, the rider maintains a more classical position, with feed forward and head held high to snake through traffic easily. Highly-practical, this scooter offers exceptional storage space between the seat and front-end.

visuel A more classical urban mode

A pleasure-devoted sports mode

In sports mode, the rider tilts forward, with wrists used for support and feet in a backward position. Naturally aerodynamic, the Onyx Concept Scooter offers great seating comfort for a passenger without compromising on vivacity.

visuel A pleasure-devoted sports mode
Peugeot concept scooters onyx

Peugeot Onyx scooter


the Onyx scooter experience

Equipped with a hybrid engine and incredible suspension performance, the Onyx Concept Scooter is just as much at home in wide, open spaces as in the city. By combining a 400 cc heat engine with an electrical engine, it provides first-class acceleration and get-up-and-go totally in line with its ultra-sportive style. This scooter has an up-to-the-minute look shared only with the Onyx Concept Car and Concept Bike.