More than just a sailboat

Peugeot Design Lab capitalizes on the extensive expertise it has accrued in the auto industry to innovate in other fields.
Sailboat is a concept yacht with a design like no other. Long glass surfaces create large well-lit spaces below deck. Above, passengers are not hindered by the usual assortment of cables, allowing them to move about freely in a safe, comfortable environment.

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Plain sailing

Equipped with automatic cable reels and electric winches, the sleek exterior of this Concept Yacht is a triumph in seamless design. The deck is completely free of clutter, making it easy and safe to move about.

visuel Plain sailing

Staying the course

The marine compasses on either side of the bridge maintain perfect symmetry and help ensure smooth sailing. At an impressive 30 meters in length, the single-hulled vessel offers spacious cabins beneath its generous wood deck.

visuel Staying the course

Total control

For pinpoint control of the sailboat, the Peugeot Concept Yacht is equipped with electric winches that make navigation a breeze.

visuel Total control


Performance to match its style

This concept single-hull sailboat with ultramodern architecture, featuring top-of-the-line style and design. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it offers total control, ease of use, enjoyment and maximum safety—retaining performance.

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The ultimate sailboat

This concept 30-meter single-hulled craft is an original creation by the Peugeot Design Lab. Its winning combination of style, design and ultramodern equipment will put the wind in your sails.


the Concept Yacht experience

Design is the very core of this Concept Yacht. With its innovative architecture, ultramodern equipment and simplified navigation, this concept single-hulled sailboat is a veritable showcase of innovation with a focus on comfort and safety, two fundamental Peugeot values.